Asset. Accessory

Item. Tool.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

You may take an additional action during your turn, which can only be used to engage.

"If you blow that thing one more time, I'm gonna make you eat it."
Robert Laskey
In Too Deep #108.
Riot Whistle

This seemed underwhelming at first, especially since Zoey Samaras, who should benefit from this the most, finds it competing with her signature, and Relic Hunter feels like a heavy investment for something like this. But the more I think about it, the better it seems. Any turn where you make an engage action is one you'll be fighting, and any turn you're fighting will likely benefit from one more fight action, whether it's just in case you miss on the first, or whether the target needs multiple fights to take care of. Even if you don't end up using the spare action to fight, it can get a resource or a draw.

Inside of Zoey Samaras, it might be worth picking with intentions to upgrade to Relic Hunter - with it and her cross in play, not only can any one health enemy be killed instantly, any one health aloof enemy can be killed without tests or real actions.

Outside of her, there aren't many Guardian cards competing for the accessory slot. Hallowed Mirror is nice, but can only be taken at 1 copy, so is less likely to be drawn, and can be used up and replaced by any other accessories you might be using. Empty Vessel is similarly limited, and costs a significant chunk of XP. Unlike the mirror, it stays in play, though. Police Badge is also not a level 0 card, but it can be discarded for the whistle if you draw it, though I'm not sure what kind of situations that would be good in.

As a cross-class option it's less appealing - Mystics, and Innsmouth's own Sister Mary prefer their -boosting accessories, Survivors have cheap sanity soak that Yorick and Tommy really don't want to lose, and Seekers have plenty of good options, though Roland and Joe might give the whistle a look, depending on the build. It's probably worth looking at for people with a Rogue/Guardian pool, though - it can save a shot on a Colt Vest Pocket, or add a resource to a Pay Day turn, for instance.

Overall, I'd say it has most use in Zoey Samaras (alongside her cross), Mark Harrigan (alongside his mirror), and "Skids" O'Toole or Leo Anderson.

SSW · 83
It's much more useful in scenarios where there are a lot of aloof enemies -- PTC and TCU come to mind as having more than their share. — LivefromBenefitSt · 536
It's most useful for Zoe but competes with her signature card. It's most flavorful for Tommy, but it can't compete with his teddy bear. If it didn't require an accessory slot it would be good enough for many 'gators to consider including it. Seems like another near-miss of a card to me. Instead of being a good pick for many, they nerfed it into a very situational or build around pick for a few. — KillerShrike · 1
If Zoey Samaras equip Riot Whistle and use Spectral Razor. Can it use Riot Whistle's action? — LuckyCat · 1
@LuckyCat No, spectral razor is a fight action, the engage is just a consequence of the fight. You can tell what actions a card falls under by looking at what words are bolded in the card text. — gp0923 · 1

I think Riot Whistle is a good item for Zoey Samaras.

And I have a question?

If Zoey Samaras equip Riot Whistle and use Spectral Razor.

Can Spectral Razor use Riot Whistle's action?

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LuckyCat · 1
The answer is no because Spectral Razor is a Fight action, not an engage action. It would work for any card that says bold "Engage". Whistle would not get you any savings there. It's also a card that I find tricky for Zoey because she wants either this, Rosary, Mirror, or her signature accessory. — StyxTBeuford · 12385
Yeah, even though Spectral Razor engages an enemy, it doesn't have the Engage action designator, and that's what Riot Whistle cares about. Contrast Righteous Hunt in the same set, which does have the Engage action designator and thus could be used with Riot Whistle's additional action. — Thatwasademo · 32
The thing that really hurts this is that accessory slot. Without that I guess it might be broken, but with it it's too expensive. — SGPrometheus · 425
The accessory slot isn't a huge deal, considering it's in Guardian -- its only real competition at level 0 in class is Hallowed Mirror. — Thatwasademo · 32
one sad thing is that zoey's cross is accessory. — elkeinkrad · 87
Zoey can be a Monster Hunter AND a Relic Hunter. Then run Backpack (2) to dig for your great accessories and weapons faster with a high item density. — Death by Chocolate · 627
What about "Get Over Here"? It's "Engage. Fight." ... or is that not an "engage only" action? — omalleyp2883 · 1
I would think that it won't work with Get over here because of the fight part. — walawalo · 1