Asset. Hand

Item. Weapon. Firearm. Illicit.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Uses (5 ammo).

Spend 1 ammo: Fight. You get +1 for this attack. This attack deals +1 damage.

Forced - At the end of the round: Discard Colt Vest Pocket.

Dual Brush Studios
The Depths of Yoth #268.
Colt Vest Pocket

Funny gun and most certainly, bad.

The Colt Vest Pocket is native to a small and specific theme/archetype of who sneak assets into play quickly, it's a build based on the mechanics of cards like Joey "The Rat" Vigil, Sleight of Hand and Fence, I.E you play it quick and action free and deal the damage easily and efficiently.

A few other cards exist to support this, Fence can be used to play Pay Day, so that's a source of economy for the build. Narrow Escape can be used to play the gun when Fence or Joey "The Rat" Vigil are unavailable, certain characters might use it with either variant of "Eat lead!".

Many of the aforementioned cards, notable Joey "The Rat" Vigil, Fence, "Eat lead!" and arguably: Pay Day, are all rather shaky or outright BAD cards. Colt Vest Pocket is by no means the sort of gun that warrants doubling down on a variety of bad cards to try and make them all work properly.

If a character arises who can somehow play weapons the way Leo Anderson can play his allies, then Colt Vest Pocket will rise to recognition, otherwise it will remain on the bottom of the barrel, ready to be scraped up by folks who want to push the limits of deckbuilding.

Edit: After a little extra testing, I got to admit that a Finn Edwards deck with Sleight of Hand and Leo De Luca to get some actions stands a half-good chance to make this card shine. The free evade and extra action can give you space to safely get 3 shots from the gun, Sleight ups that to 4 shots. The card is still bad but it's passable for a 0-xp deck, they are, after all, not particularly powerful at level 0.

Tsuruki23 · 817
I think there's more support for it than you give credit. Borrowed Time, Swift Reflexes, Quick Thinking (and Double or Nothing), and Ace in the Hole all give you extra actions (as does Skids' ability). You can very easily with Skids have a 5 or 6 round turn, which allows you to use the Colt's 5 charges, which is potentially 10 damage in one turn, which is actually pretty insane. That said the build as it stands is agreeably shaky. Without Beat Cop Skids would just be fighting at 4, so it's fairly likely to miss on that big health enemy you're trying to take down in one go. — StyxTBeuford · 444
There’s also a cute synergy with The Golden Pocketwatch since repeating the Investigator Phase gives you two turns to unload it before the round ends. — Death by Chocolate · 12
So the problems with this card are: (1) you have to jump through a lot of hoops to take extra actions in order to capitalize on it, and (2) most Rogues only have 3 combat and would rather use weapons with +2 boosts. So if the Colt Vest has a home it is with an investigator who has access to green cards, has a very high combat skill, and can take extra actions in combat. Hmm. — Spritz · 19
Hmm. :) — Death by Chocolate · 12
Man, it's going to be a sad day for Skids once Dream Eaters gets released. — StyxTBeuford · 444
My thought too. Poor guy lost all of his niches progressively as other folk got released. — Tsuruki23 · 817
He’s still got Alice Luxley and Ornate Bow. I believe in a future where Skids becomes a reverse Roland. — StyxTBeuford · 444

I think that if this had been a fast asset, then it would have been appealing on its own. Even if it cost an experience at that point it would likely have been worth it. But, if you are planning on using Sleight of Hand, then I think there are likely better options you are looking for than this. You will have a limited number of Sleights, and certainly getting use out of a Lightning Gun or Chicago Typewriter are the kind of situations you are likely looking for. This could be the intermediate weapon you upgrade from into one of those depending on who you are playing while the Sleight of Hand is in your deck until you have the experience to get that.

Without the fast though, I wouldn't use it by itself and I don't see it seeing much play other than the temporary slot before an upgraded weapon for Sleight of Hand.

Bronze · 98
Maybe with Fence?? — matt88 · 851

This card seems like it needs other cards in order to work well. Here's a list of cards that it appears designed to integrate with:

This is a weapon you definitely only want to play when you really need it. Narrow Escape is nice, because you can wait until an enemy shows up, play this card, then use Narrow Escape to get +2 to the first attack. Sleight of Hand is nice to make this weapon fast and to make it last for more than 1 turn. Out-of-class, "Eat lead!" is the only way available to use all of that ammunition short of some serious shenanigans.

A lot of cards have anti-synergy with this weapon. It should go without saying that Custom Ammunition, Extra Ammunition, and Venturer shouldn't be used for it. It's just a waste!

The card's nearest in-faction comparison is the .41 Derringer. Do you want a good gun for one turn, or an okay gun that will last you for 3 shots? Overall, I think you might get slightly more mileage out of the .41 Derringer. However, the Colt Vest Pocket does have its uses. It's not a long-term combat solution, and you need cards to support it, but it can do some damage in a pinch.

You forgot Fence as a card that interacts with this card. — matt88 · 851

How does this work? It has 5 ammo. You spend one action and one ammo to fight. How is one meant to use up all 5 ammo in one round? I can think of Gold Pocket Watch or Ace in the Hole, but I am not a fan of cards needing other cards just to be serviceable.

deserter85 · 1
^ — Shakiko · 3
Leo de Luca, Skids' ability and Quick thinking (perhaps combined with double or nothing) come to mind easily. Also 3 ways to play it as Fast action. Also there was Eat lead that you might splash in some decks. — Shakiko · 3