Tactic. Fated.

Cost: 2.
Test Icons:

Deal 1 damage to an enemy at your location. If this effect defeats that enemy, draw 1 card. If it is your turn, end your turn. This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Two bullets cracked open the creature’s skull.
Then another. Then another. Then another.
Jorge Matar
The Depths of Yoth #269.
Coup de Grâce

Worth noting that this card can situationally combo with Quick Thinking (especially in a multiplayer game when you have more chances to commit Quick Thinking outside of turn). If you can use Quick Thinking to get an extra action when it’s not your turn, e.g. during the Mythos phase or during another investigator’s turn, you can use Coup de Grâce without worrying about ending your turn prematurely.

That is probably the best combo for the card I have seen so far. Either that or hatchet man, do a thing or two and off your enemy with this. Nice catch. — Myriad · 584

A self-cycling auto-damage card that's the perfect way to kill off that last bit of HP your weapon didn't already finish or to end a Switchblade frenzy that didn't quite net all the damage you needed. It's a little expensive but Auto-damage should be!

There is a downside, if you run around toting 4+ actions in a turn, this thing will put a clear damper on that. Even if you just start a round engaged with a 3hp foe and hit them once for 2 damage to finish them with Coup de Grâce then you're loosing an action, this lone disadvantage is I think going to be common enough to put some people off this card.

I personally am excited for the possibility of playing this with an Ornate bow as a way to finish 4hp foes!

Tsuruki23 · 384
It combines with Hatchet man to make 2 auto-damage. And you also have the possibility to play Eavesdrop before Coup de grâce.. — AlexP · 24

I don't find myself a fan of this card. Usually when something is dishing out a single point of damage I am looking to take out those pesky 1 cost enemies like a wil o' wisp or a cultist at a location that I can't afford to fail taking out or will slow me down. But, unlike using something like the Lantern which would remove it at any point in your turn, the Coup de Grâce requires (well not quite requires, but you won't want to do so otherwise) you to do it as your last action in the turn. I could wait until the last action to remove the wisp, but then I would be suffering the rest of the turn from stat reductions until then and if I take something out early in the turn I have lost valuable actions in doing so. Of which, I was likely better off evading and just walking away half the time.

There are circumstances that could arise, but I think this will be the card that sits in your hand waiting for those circumstances to arise that never gets played. You end up walking into a room last action and then take something out and draw a card sure, something like that or you fall short in one attempt or two and something needs a finishing blow, or your left something on one hit point left sure. I would often likely find myself holding this in hand and then just throwing it for the icons because those situations don't show up. That's what I feel like the normal use of the card would be as I play.

Bronze · 73
That’s exactly why highly conditional cards like this one have great skill icons. — Death by Chocolate · 10
It certainly helps as a backup. And in some circumstances I would consider taking something like this instead of overpower or something of that nature. But, most of the time I would rather fill card slots with less situational elements. But I do enjoy the occasional fun situational card with good icons like a Hiding Spot or something. It's an entertaining card, I am just not that much a fan of it. — Bronze · 73

The most amazing thing about this card is that 5 point-blank shots to the skull deals only 1 damage. Who wants to pay 2 resources for an effect endowed in every investigator (to attack for 1)? And to top it off, your turn is now over. Terrible.

jmmeye3 · 115
Still a worthwhile consideration if you'd otherwise run Overpower. Testless damage is nice. — StyxTBeuford · 148
Testless damage, and card draw? On a harder difficulty, the testless damage could come in handy. — cb42 · 15
You forgot the fact that the damage is testless...and that you can hit with this aloof enemies... — Alogon · 23