Rogue Survivor

Fortune. Gambit.

Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play after you reveal a chaos token during a skill test.

Reveal an additional chaos token, switching its "-" to a "+". If that chaos token is a token, you automatically fail.

Drazenka Kimpel
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #112.
"Hit me!"

"Hit me!" is a great one-off "Hail Mary" card to slot into your initial campaign deck, that really combines the seemingly contradictory risk-taking nature of a Rogue, with the anti-chaos bag BS safety of a Survivor.

For a Survivor, think of it as another Lucky! you use when you have failed a test by around 1 or 2, and just barely need to scrape by a bit more. Once you get some XP, you can consider replacing "Hit me!" with other cards that fulfil a similar nature such as with the incredible Eucatastrophe, another great single "emergency" kind of card.

For a Rogue, think of it as a placeholder for Sure Gamble. It's a good option to consider if your deck also has big-pay-off-with-single-test cards such as Backstab or Pilfer.

Cards like "Hit me!", Sure Gamble, and the like, are arguably better deck options in solo or 2p games where versatility is more prized, as you don't really have a pool of specialists (and additional "chances") to smash down nonsense such as Locked Door or random scenario must-pass kind of checks. Every little bit helps, and "Hit me!" can just be that little gamble that tilts the odds in your favour.

Which segues quite nicely into how I've found this card great for Lola Hayes, the Queen of versatility. Not only does "Hit me!" fulfil the deck building criteria for 2 classes, is an event and thus not vulnerable to Crisis of Identity, but it's also available for use when she's in 2 different roles.

All in all, "Hit me!" is a fun one-off card to consider that can augment most deck archetypes out there, and which value rises in lower player counts, and perhaps even higher difficulty levels where minus modifiers are more prevalent. Think of it as an unreliable 3rd Lucky! or 3rd Unexpected Courage, which you upgrade into something better as you progress in the campaign.

Sojourne · 81
O hey I didn't see you there .35 Winchester, o no I'm not doing anything special, just making all* tokens non-negative. — Zerogrim · 266
Only the first token revealed after hit me counts for it’s effects. So curse and -4 is still-2 total. However curse and skull is not an autofail. — Django · 4590
This is still a fine interaction with (tabooed) Winchester. (-2) is a modifier, you should be able to cover in all tests. And for the bonus damage to trigger, you just have to reveal a token with a non-negative modifier, not to be zero or above in total. — Susumu · 302
Hello, "hit me" works like "Sure gamble" on chaos token cultist, elder thing... ? - become + — Dorianna · 1

For Rogues that don't have access to Lucky!, this feels like an off-brand version. But note that the condition for playing this card is different: you don't have to fail a skill test in order to play it. That allows the card to fulfill some other roles, too:

  • Succeed-by-X: Just like this is a less-good Lucky!, this is also a less-good Daring Maneuver. Sure, for investigators who truly need the effect, just pick up the other card, but deck space is tight in Arkham Horror, or this is just copies 3 and 4 of it. For Survivors, there aren't too many succeed-by cards, but I'd use this for Sharp Vision and Brute Force, two cards which are a real bummer if they don't fire off.

  • Token manipulation: You get to reveal an extra token, which you really might want for its own effect; like an or a for the Mystic curse spells -- note that the will be a +2, and it will reveal another token, too (but a won't autofail this time). You could even use Olive McBride to reveal 3 more tokens and resolve 2 of them; both of which will now have positive modifiers! This could also be an interesting way to dig for extra tokens to make Blessing of Isis work. As has already been commented, the taboo'd .35 Winchester will much more reliably get the extra damage now.

In all of these cases, the more tokens you reveal, the more likely to reveal a , so there is some obvious synergy with cards that Seal tokens, but revealing a 0 is also often a waste of time, so you may consider Shards of the Void specifically.

dscarpac · 96

Combines very well with heavy furs.

Overall generally functions as a weaker Lucky. Lucky is a very good card, this is a playable card. This card is very fun which counts for a lot however. I'd love to see an upgraded version of this card that was a little more powerful so I'd want to play it more.

dubcity566 · 86
Lucky can't give you + — MrGoldbee · 1338
Plus eight on expert! — MrGoldbee · 1338