Rogue Survivor


Cost: 0. XP: 3.

Limit 1 per investigator. Cannot leave play.

After you play Unscrupulous Loan: Gain 10 resources.

Forced - When the game ends or you are eliminated, if you have fewer than 10 resources in your resource pool: Exile Unscrupulous Loan.

Drazenka Kimpel
Edge of the Earth Investigator Expansion #113.
Unscrupulous Loan

The best time to have a quick injection of a lot of money is at the beginning of the game, especially if you are asset-heavy. If you mulligan for this or it comes up within the first few turns, you're in for a good time. Play your expensive cards, and the rest of the game will be easier. If it comes up later, maybe don't play it. Anyways, you'd better have a plan to get the money back. The best way is to either play an investigator who makes the money back passively or is rewarded for having stockpiles of cash (Jenny Barnes, Preston Fairmont, Bob Jenkins, Monterey Jack (EDIT: Monterey Jack obviously cannot take Rogue level 3 cards)), or is asset/skill heavy where you just don't need to spend too many resources past putting down your key assets. Event-heavy Rogues are probably going to spend all of their money no matter how much they get. If you do need help getting the money back, the usual suspects like Hot Streak and Faustian Bargain are fine, and The Red Clock, Lone Wolf, and Investments will get you the money back eventually, but a special mention for Cheat the System, which cares about assets in play from other classes, and hey, this one is also a Survivor Card.

Speaking of, do any Survivors besides Bob Jenkins really need this? Survivor is, after all, the class that has Dark Horse. Wendy Adams can use this to pay for Leo De Luca, and with Pickpocketing (2) and other Rogue economy cards can make the money back. Rita Young can take Trick cards, so that means Easy Mark and Sneak By are on the menu, and she may want this to pay for an early Pilfer or two. Daniela Reyes may like this to put down some expensive Guardian assets or in Survivor, Aquinnah or a Chainsaw. But paying the loan back may be a challenge with Survivor cards. You can stop playing events or assets and build up your resource pool slowly. Maybe a key Drawing Thin or Take Heart will help. If you have time at the end of a scenario take the resources with the basic action yourself, or maybe get help from a friendly Guardian, Rogue, Seeker, or psychiatrist. Of course, taking Déjà Vu to mitigate the forced Exile may be the answer.

dscarpac · 36
Jack can't take it. — MrGoldbee · 1148
Thanks -- It's too easy for the Edge investigators' deck-building requirements to sneak by. — dscarpac · 36
Jack can take Sneak By. :D — Death by Chocolate · 979
I am currently running it in a Patrice deck with cats & dogs, and first impressions are very good. She has often resource problems early on, which can be solved by this. And I don't think, she is the right investigator for "Dark Horse". — Susumu · 165
Besides, I'm pretty sure "Déjà Vu" won't discount this card, because "When the game ends" is not "during the scenario". Being defeated is just another way to end the scenario for the given investigator. — Susumu · 165
"When the game ends" is in fact during the game, since "when" means before, though. — Thatwasademo · 41
(to be specific, any "when the game ends" triggers happen between determining that the game is going to end and actually ending the game) — Thatwasademo · 41

This seems to be an absolute no-brainer for standalone play. 10 free resources, and who cares if it's exiled?

Almost seems like it should say "Campaign Play Only".

One does sometimes wonder if the play-testers remember about standalone play at all...

That's just the nature of exile in standalone. Worse with this since it doesn't really turn into RFG, but cheaper exile cards like Flare are also very good in standalone play too. — SSW · 148
It's not actually that much better than, say, buying it for the last scenario of a campaign would be -- either way, you're paying 3 xp for an effect you get to use once. Same goes for any other exile. — Thatwasademo · 41
(naturally, that's still really good, as people have known about other exile cards like A Test of Will since the start, but it's not broken) — Thatwasademo · 41