Talent. Cursed.

Cost: –. XP: 5.


In between two scenarios of a campaign, reduce the experience cost to repurchase up to 3 cards that you exiled during the last scenario by 1 each.

Haven't you seen this before?
Stephen Somers
Stella Clark #31.
Déjà Vu

We need to talk about your Flare.

Well, okay, 2 Flares is the minimum, okay?

Now, you know it's up to you whether or not you want to just do the bare minimum. Or... well, like Billy, for example, uses 14 Flares over a campaign, okay. And a terrific smile.

People can get an ally anywhere, okay? They come to Survivor decks for the atmosphere and the risk mitigation. Okay? That's what the Flare's about. It's about fun.

Look, we want you to express yourself, okay? Now if you feel that the bare minimum is enough, then okay. But some people choose to Flare more, and Deja Vu encourages that, okay? You do want to express yourself, don't you?

Okay, great, great. That's all I ask.

HanoverFist · 551
I’ve got your #Flare right here, buddy. — Hijinx047 · 9

More Deja Vu weird questions.

Say I have Flare, I use Flare and it gets exiled.

Before the next scenario do I get to:

A: remove flare from my deck and replace it with a level 0 card, then repurchase flare for 0XP and replace another card in my deck or B: simple repurchase flare and effectively not alter my deck.

Given deja vu costs 5xp I think it having a subtle adaptable effect on the deck is intended, what are other peoples thoughts?

Zerogrim · 262
There's nothing stopping you from replacing a different card. Albeit the kind of situation where you want to swap in just one card is kind of rare; with adaptable you're usually swapping in two cards for a scenario, which you'll need two Deja Vu for. The best use case is probably when you upgrade two Myraid cards and don't want to leave the last useless copy in the deck. — suika · 8839
why would you need two deja vu, you can swap three cards out as long as you can use two flares or what not, you could swap out as many as three. Just a nice side benefit to such an expensive card. — Zerogrim · 262

I would caution outright buying this on Yorick (unless you are using a boring Flare deck). At first this appears to be a great card for William as it makes Leather Coat(1) and Cherished Keepsake(1) seem like a no-brainer as the fear of them being used up and exiled goes away with Déjà Vu. However you're less likely to actually burn through an entire upgraded Coat(1) or Keepsake(1) and need Déjà Vu on Yorick than you think. You should totally buy the Coat(1)/Keepsake(1) upgrades, those cards are amazing, but hold off on Déjà Vu on Yorick unless needed. Let me explain:

If you have a basic 12xp drawing/cycling engine on Yorick with Emergency Cache(2) and Lucky(2), and Resourceful (to pull back Lucky) and use Cornered (2) to let you commit any item from hand into discard pile, then you will probably see two of either the 0xp Coat or Keepsake. At this point I would upgrade to Coat(1)/Keepsake(1). If you play smart asigning damage to your assets (like Guard Dog and Peter), you can easily cycle between each copy of your Keepsake/Coat by killing monsters and installing the other already discarded copy of Keepsake/Coat from your discard using Yorick's fast character ability. You would be surprised how long you can keep this loop going on Yorick. Sure, you are not getting the entire 4 soak out of the Coat(1)/Keepsake(1) upgrades doing this, but 3/4 aint bad for a 0 cost install item. You shouldn't need to soak more than 3points before you kill a monster anyway (unless it is an emergency).

So when should you buy Déjà Vu on Yorick?

Well, Déjà Vu can be bought after a scenario in which you just exiled cards (to free-buy them back), so you should only really buy Déjà Vu AFTER you exile cards. So Déjà Vu becomes a backup plan. However I've found on Yorick you don't actually get around to exiling cards that often (unless you have a Flare deck - then you'll need Déjà Vu!). If you are mid campaign and just exiled 2 soak cards, re-buying those exiles is still cheaper than outright buying Déjà Vu. For all you know the next 2 scenarios you might not exile any cards, so your total rebuy of exiled soak cards on Yorick can often work out cheaper than 5xp to buy Déjà Vu. Also exile cards can be sort of cheap gap filler cards to get through particular tricky scenarios - you may revert to the 0xp versions even, as 2 soak cards often do enough most of the time for Yorick anyway!

Things to ponder!

Antiundead · 21
Was going to counter with some cool exile card for yorick but turns out all the super powered stuff I thought exiles just doesn't, though test of will (1) looks like an obvious include if you did get the package anyway. — Zerogrim · 262
Hmm I personally would not get a test of will on Yorick, his decks already feel very competitive for card slots with loads of assets. I would often go for Cornered (2) and just outright discard assets in hand cards in hand to beat a test. I feel like denying treacheries isn't a job for Yorick. Plus the upside of discarding cards with Cornered is you can then free play them when you trigger your ability. — Antiundead · 21

The card starts with "In between two scenarios of a campaign," That makes me wonder if, mid-campaign, I'm playing though a side-story, am I not allowed to repurchase exiled cards before starting the side story, after finishing it, or both? Or is it considered a 'scenario of the campaign' for this purpose?

khoshekh · 5
It's strange, that they changed the wording compared to "Adaptable", where it is "In between each game of a campaign". However, the rules booklet of every Standalone scenario states, that you treat it "as if it was part of the campaign", if you are adding it to one. So there is no reason for me to believe, this card could not be used in that case. — Susumu · 271
If you aren't playing the scenario in standalone mode, and you paid the 2XP entry fee, the scenario is part of the campaign. — KingsGambit · 12

From a math standpoint you're going to need to have exiled 5 level 1 cards to break even with this card. Your gains lessen the higher the exile level is too. Basically then, this helps keep Flare and the upgraded coat/keepsake from leaving play. But again, you're going to have to get 5 total uses of those cards to even break even, and I'm just not sure thats a scenario you are realistically going to see often.

drjones87 · 106
It really rewards you for going 'all in' on an exile strategy where you fully intend to exile 2-3 cards a scenario. Assuming you got this after scenario 3 (Giving you time to get some key upgrades and some exile cards) you would make about 10 XP back. This is a LOT of XP if you are actually exiling a lot of cards per-scenario, which is not hard to do. The idea that it is 'worse' if the exiled cards are higher XP is also incorrect, you benefit from this just as much from a 1 XP card as a 5 XP card, it is just harder to 'keep up' the usage of high XP exiles, but survivors don't tend to care about that anyway. The main thing holding this card back is mainly the exile pool doesn't benefit a ton of survivors right now to spam (mostly just Patrice). — dezzmont · 162
Also, note that you can recover an exiled 2 xp card for free if you bought two of these, which is very expensive upfront but gives you some very nice options to play every scenario — Thatwasademo · 44
bu " — Thatwasademo · 44
by "an" I mean up to 3, of course — Thatwasademo · 44
I still have hopes for this card. At the moment I don't see a deck where this could be powerful enough to justify paying 5 XP for it. However, there is still a huge design space for exile cards and we might even see an investigator based around exiling cards at some point. Also it needs a certain campaign meta, preferably as many scenarios as possible where you can reliably get at least 6 XP in the first scenario. I think the ones where it might work are Carcosa, Forgotten Age and TCU. — PowLee · 13
Agreed, this card will get better the more Exile effects are printed. I'd not thought of doubling up, that's an interesting take, though very xp heavy. — fiatluxia · 52
2x burn after reading each with a 2xp card is 6 exile xp in total — Django · 4428
I probably wouldn't buy this unless I have already exiled at least 2 cards in the previous scenario, which means you should never really be spending more than 3 effective xp for it. — OrionJA · 1

Not a review, but a question. If you exile 3x 1XP cards during scenario 2, and then purchase this between scenario 2 and 3, are you allowed to immediately buy back those cards without paying the XP cost?

EDIT: Another question - if you have two of these, will they reduce the cost of 6 cards by 1XP each, or also 3 cards by 2XP each?

I do feel that this card is possibly 1XP too expensive as it really relies on you having to go all-in with exile cards to get enough value from it, and you still have to pay 1XP for Fortune or Fate and Stroke of Luck.

ilksvorbern · 75
I see no reason why not. There is no timing restriction on refilling your deck before buying cards - it just needs to be a legal deck by the time you start the next scenario. — Death by Chocolate · 1251
I vaguely recall an FAQ entry for adaptable indicating that this was not legal, i.e., you couldn't swap two cards at the same time that you buy it, which would seem to be relevant here. But now I can't find the FAQ entry. — SGPrometheus · 688
You can definitely swap two cards after buying Adaptable while still between scenarios. You are probably thinking about the FAQ for Arcane Research (or Charon's Obol) since they have a timing condition at the end of a scenario and thus only give a benefit if you have them when the previous scenario ends. Déjà Vu, like Adaptable, has no such condition. — Death by Chocolate · 1251
Thank you! — ilksvorbern · 75
If you have two Deja Vu, you can distribute the cost reduction any way you like, nothing stops them from working on the same card (or on different cards). — suika · 8839

This card appears to suck really bad in the Innsmouth Conspiracy Campaign. It has mechanics which prevent its use, and then when you want to next use it, you are no longer repurchasing so can't use it then either.

MelinaPerez · 139
Innsmouth prevents you spending the experience it gives you in the level, not the spending of experience itself, Deja Vu is no more prevented than arcane research in Innsmouth. — Zerogrim · 262
Is there an actual ruling on this? I do hope you're right. — MelinaPerez · 139
Compare to the wording between heart of the elders part 1 and 2. [Investigators may not spend experience or alter their decks in between Scenarios V-A and V-B.] Innsmouth on the other hand uses [Record this experience under “Unspent Experience” in your Campaign Log, but do not spend any of it yet.] which seems to suggest to me that only the VP earned experience is forbidden from being spent, no other step of deck editing is prevented. — Zerogrim · 262