Asset. Hand x2

Item. Weapon. Firearm.

Cost: 4.
Test Icons:

Uses (5 ammo).

: Fight. You get +2 for this attack. If a +1, 0, or chaos token is revealed during this attack, this attack deals +2 damage.

Stephen Somers
Dark Side of the Moon #195.
.35 Winchester
FAQs (taken from the official FAQ or FFG's responses to the official rules question form)
  • Erratum: This card’s ability should read: “ Spend 1 ammo: Fight…” - FAQ, v.1.7, March 2020
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So, this card has an error on it. As written, the fight action does not cost ammo. However, Matt has already confirmed in the Mythos Busters discord server that this ability should function like every other firearm, so , spend 1 ammo: Fight.

wern212 · 89

I was thinking about a deck that could make Winchester work (Jim Culver), and here are my thoughts about it:

  1. Additional damage is unreliable if you don't have a way to fish for tokens. Even then, you are wasting too much resources and cards to make it work (Dark Prophecy for example).
  2. The card requires 2 hands, so it requires 100% commitment. Overall, the card would be great if it said "if a token with +1 or 0 MODIFIER is revealed". This way, Jim's skulls counted as 0s would proc the effect and additional modifiers from the scenarios would work as well (e.g. X, where X is the number of doom in play with 0 doom in play).
Pytellone · 22

Let's do the maths again.

In all my calculations, I make the following hypothesis :

  • Chaos bag of Night of the zealot, on standard difficulty
  • gives -1
  • gives -2
  • gives -3
  • gives +2

Comparison with .45 Thomson

On Standard difficulty level, if you aim at +2 (you organize your play so your skill value is 2 above the difficulty), the average damage done by the Winchester is 1.25, against 1.5 for the Thomson. If you aim at +4, it's 1.44 versus 1.88. So Winchester makes roughly -20% damage par attempt for a -33% resource cost. Not that bad

(on Easy difficulty level, Thomson makes roughly the same damage. Still for a -33% cost.)

Comparison with .45 Automatic

The comparison with .45 Automatic has to be different because .45 Automatic has a fewer bonus. Let's make raw comparisons, with no strategy in mind.

On standard difficulty level, if the difficulty of the test if 2 above the base skill value of the investigator, Winchester delivers 0.75 damage per attempt on average, while .45 Automatic delivers 0.25. That's +200% for Winchester.

Ok, difficult tests like this one are uncommon. But Winchester is still +113% when the difficulty is 1 above, +11% when equal, -8% when 1 lower and -18% when 2 lower.

(on easy difficulty level, the numbers becomes : +200%, +92%, +18%, -4% and -10%)

Thomson takes two hands but has 1 ammo more.


The first question is : can you afford two hands to fight ? If the answer is yes, Winchester is interesting versus Thomson if you struggle for resources. It is also interesting versus Automatic if you are a good fighter and have a team mate who can take care of the critters, or if you are a mediocre fighter who wants to shine on the battleflied from time to time (Skid ? Jim ? Diana ?)

If the answer is no. Well, you can't take Winchester.

Okami · 21
Things are going to get much dicier on Hard or Expert, though. On Expert there might be one "0" token and zero "+1" tokens! Also, it's not just average damage that matters, but reliability. Although it's certainly not always true, generally speaking, I would prefer a gun that reliably hits for 2 damage than a gun that might hit for 1 or for 3, because it's just much easier to plan out an effective turn with the former weapon. — CaiusDrewart · 1772
On Hard or Expert it would probably require a lot of chaos bag manipulation to make this card worthwhile. But on Easy or Standard it looks kinda fun. Requiring two hands does hurt. — Yenreb · 1
Get some Jim/Diana token manipulation, on Standard that should be perfect for 5 fight. Lovely! — StyxTBeuford · 1502
@CaiusDrewart : "Also, it's not just average damage that matters, but reliability". This point is perfectly valid for comparison with Thomson. But if the difficulty equal you base skill value, .45 Automatic gives 2 damage for 9 tokens, and 0 for the other 7 ones. In this scenario, Winchester gives 3 damages for 4 tokens, 1 damage for 8 more, and 0 damage for only 4 tokens. Which one is more reliable ? (on standard) — Okami · 21
This thing is horrible, as the chance of dealing more than 1 damage is too low. Take Overpower instead. — Django · 2661
I think this card might one of those cards designed for a future investigator that has the ability to manipulate tokens on weapons. We'll see when the next Deluxe gets announced, I guess. :) — iceysnowman · 131
It would be interesting if this card turns out to mark the beginning of an archetype in which Guardians are looking for "good" draws from the bag. No other class does that, so this could be a new design space for the Guardians. Though it wouldn't scale with difficulty level very well. — CaiusDrewart · 1772
Don't forgert that "Eat Lead!" is effectively Guardian chaos bag manipulation. Team up your Guardian with a Mystic who can Seal tokens and have Premonitions and Dark Prophecies, and you'll own the chaos back. Also, Jim loves this card, and I can't wait to play it with him. — ArkhamArkhanist · 2

Well, in my opinion, this card has not only one error. When comparing this one to other level 0 -cards, i have absolutely no plan at all, why on earth I should take this card in my deck. This card is just like a Song of the Dead, now that it just does not cost XP and requires 2 hands, but other than Song of the Dead, this card relies on , 0 and +1 Chaos Tokens where you will not have +1 tokens in most chaos bags at higher difficulty. Now, compared to a .45 Automatic, it has the same cost, additional ammo worth one more shot but than it requires 2 hands and it also does not do reliably more than 1 point of damage. Let's assume, you are playing TCU on standard, you will be starting out with 15 tokens (during the champaign, this might increase quite a bit) 4 of which trigger the +2 damage - chance is roughly 25% to trigger that. Chance of getting 2 damage on a .45 Automatic is 100% if you hit. Looking at the .45 Thompson, this card also requires 2 hands and hast the same amount of ammo, just it always hits for 2 damage, it costs 2 more resources though. Having said all of that, why on earth would I include this weapon over another level 0 -weapon that is already released. If you do not have any ability to trigger 0s or s on command, than you will draw your 0 when your opponent is at just 1 health remaining (at least Murphy would suggest that) - so anyway, this card is really bad.

thakaris · 46