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Wendy Adams - Structure Deck Series ( Core Set ) 0 0 0 1.0

Uncle George the Farmer · 5693

Hello Fellow investigators

Welcome to my structure deck series!


Since the game contains a large pool of cards and this might seem a bit confusing for newer players I decided to create some deck ideas of old investigators in the game. With the new product of starter decks coming on the way, it gave me a reason to create some decklists through every cycle.

I 'm going to give you an upgrade list for everyone through every cycle. We continue with our Survivor Wendy Adams from the core set and I'll progress her deck through Dunwich, Carcosa, etc..

Let start with the show, shall we?

Wendy Adams Pros and Cons

Despite being a little kid Wendy is a beast. She is the tank of your core set in your multiplayer games. She is our Lita Chantler leaving her alone with the monsters sacrificing her for a greater cause! :D

She has average health and sanity (7) and a good and skills (4). Where she shines is her ability wherein a crucial test it can turn the tides of victory and defeat. On top of that, her signature card Wendy's Amulet comes to turn the downside of your ability to a bonus. Not only that it gives you the chance to play your powerful event cards for a second time so you better plan ahead with your gameplay strategy.

You soon realize that Wendy has a complex deck depending on two-card combos. If you don't draw specific cards early on you 'll found yourself in a difficult spot. That's why our deck is based on card drawing in order to get the essential components needed.

Another disadvantage is our fighting skill (1) which makes it difficult to kill monsters, at least for now with the current pool we have.

Ηer weakness Abandoned and Alone it can be pretty nasty in the middle game while you stockpile your items for your Scavenging and your events for Wendy's Amulet. The most important thing is to carefully plan ahead your actions and quickly place your key cards into play in order to make your deck fully functional.


I need to mention that in your multiplayer games if your fellow investigator is Skids let him play with Leo De Luca. You swap Leo with a second Rabbit's Foot and a Stray Cat until you upgrade these cards to 2x Cat Burglar.

Try to get your Wendy's Amulet and a Flashlight in your hand. Mulligan hard if you have to. Keep at least an event in your hand, ideally "Look what I found!" in order to combo the two cards. Also "Look what I found!" combos well with Rabbit's Foot. Use Flashlight in low shroud locations and try to keep "Look what I found!" for the high ones.

Scavenging can help you recover your Baseball Bat, Knife, Flashlight even your Wendy's Amulet. While it's not that good with the current card pool it escalates later on the other cycles.

While you have a good you need Guts to avoid specific treachery that will cost you an asset (can't tell which one!).

Leo De Luca is great.. in his upgrade version. While an extra action is essential his cost is too high in the first scenario and takes away resources from Hard Knocks. Be careful and add him to your field when you 're confident enough or you haven't played Hard Knocks yet.

Lucky! and Emergency Cache is self-explanatory and try to combo them with Wendy's Amulet for a maximum profit.

Ex: Play Emergency Cache play Wendy's Amulet Emergency Cache for 6 resources. Now your Hard Knocks becomes pretty viable with Baseball Bat in your hands.

Last tip for Knife: better use it for low life enemies that pokes your life like rats.

Ideal First Hand: Wendy's Amulet, Flashlight, Emergency Cache, Leo De Luca, Knife

Upgrade Route

Again there are two routes in the core set. The multiplayer tank and Leo solo/multi playthrough.

The Multiplayer tank: Your core cards on this build are 2x Aquinnah, Elder Sign Amulet. Try to get before the 3rd scenario 2x Will to Survive and if you have some XP left 2x Lucky!.

Leo Solo/multi: Go for 2x Leo De Luca and 2x Lucky! unless you have a Skids co-player so go for 2x Cat Burglar. After that go for 2x Will to Survive and a Elder Sign Amulet if you have XP left. This route its the one I used the most.


Wendy is pretty fun to play! You can either choose to avoid fighting monsters or in a moment find yourself engaged with 3 monsters just to save your fellow investigators and throw to you a Dynamite Blast sacrificing yourself to the Old Ones :D

Her deck might have some complexity but when you used to it can be quite fun for you. I say go for it, try her combos and be creative! I hope you like this guide and we'll continue with her Dunwich deck build.

To be continued..


Apr 07, 2020 finalattack · 1

Great deck. I'd say that Wendy is more suited to DeLuca than Skids. He can generate his own actions from resources if need be. Skids in a way can't afford to burn the resources, which are much better spent else where. I've had far more success with guard dog.

Apr 07, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5693

@finalattack That's true!

Apr 08, 2020 charlie4727 · 1

Great explanation of the deck mechanics, thanks! My son and I are really getting into the game now and our next step will be that second core set and Dunwich. Looking forward to your series continuing!

Apr 09, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5693

@charlie4727 I'm glad you liked it! My wife is my partner of crime in this game hehe so it's great feeling playing with your son!

Apr 30, 2020 Nicarus_noticarus · 1

Since Wendy Adams Decks all seem to use Hard Knocks, why not prioritize and upgrade to Scrapper? It seems to be a massive save in time and increase in reliability

May 02, 2020 wlk · 1

@Uncle George the Farmer My understanding is that you cannot do the combo Emergency Cache + Wendy's Amulet + Emergency Cache as described because the Amulet's forced effect will put the first Emergency Cache to the bottom of your deck instead of discarding it, before you can play it again.

May 07, 2020 mrz · 1

@Uncle George the Farmerhey, what should be taken out for the upgrades?

May 11, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5693

Hello @mrz . Swap perception for will to survive and a flashlight for the amulet.

May 12, 2020 finalattack · 1

@wlkI think the combo is Emergency Cache + "play" wendy's amulet + trigger wendy's amulet to play Emergency cache. So in that scenario wendy's amulet is still in your hand.

May 12, 2020 wlk · 1

@finalattack Ok now I get it. Thanks for clarifying.

Jul 04, 2020 artyzipp · 1

Thanks for the great deck. Just passed the first scenario and upgraded Leo and Lucky. I let the house burn and took Lita.

Jul 08, 2020 Muadiv · 1

Hi, question. Why this deck say "1 pack required" if some cards are x2 and in the core is only one ? Also if you want to combine this with Roland for example, in some cards you will need 4 copies of the same card (for example Overpower and Guts)

Jul 10, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5693

@artyzipp I hope it ended well!

Jul 10, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 5693

@Muadiv Hello my friend! I moved my mouse on the 1 pack but it says core set (2). As for your second question yes, 2 for Roland and 2 for Wendy! Hope I Helped :)

Jul 10, 2020 Muadiv · 1

@Uncle George the Farmer I saw this in my phone the first time.... Then I checked in the computer and I find the same what you said. Thanks anyway!