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banania · 349

This is how I play Agnes Baker. It may not be the best way, but it works for me.

In my decks I like doing two things:

1) Not to cut too much on Skill cards I find that an average of 8 to 10 Skill cards is the right amount. Why? Because most of the games are short! You need to pass that Spell skill test, or that Treachery's test.

2) Fill every slot available That's why I include automatically:

  • One body asset Leather Coat or Fine Clothes
  • One accessory, the Holy Rosary. That card should'nt be ignored. I gets your Willpower up to 6, allowing you to pass your Spell easily and its gives you 2 more Sanity points to absorb their negative effects.
  • Two hand assets: the Flashlight to compensate Agnes Baker lack of knowledge, and the Ritual Candles, just because that card gives you +1 on roughly a third of the chaos bag, which is equivalent to a +0.33 static modifier.
  • Two allies assets: Peter Sylvestre just to get the healing going on, and Arcane Initiate, just for the early game: get the Spell you need and kill her already!!

3) A word on the other cards

4) A word on the signature cards

  • Don't ever play Heirloom of Hyperborea, at least not after you get those Emergency Cache (lvl2). That 3 cost is too hefty. This is a card game, you usually want to draw, yes. But this is not the good way to do it. Mystic resources are precious, my precious.
  • Pray for an early Dark Memory, especially if you're engaged with an enemy. That's a good way to activate your ability during the Refresh Phase. Actually one of the softer special weakness in the game. Even 2 resources + 1 doom token isn't that bad if you're short on sanity.

You may notice I don't use Forbidden Knowledge. I know that card has the advantage of triggering that response action on Agnes Baker, thus helping you dealing damage to enemies as well as filling in your resource pool. But, hell, NO! Are you really ready to get 4 resources for 4 horrors?

Granted, usually responses abilities are only good if you're sure to trigger them. You learn that the hard way if you play LOTR LCG. But in Arkham Horror, I feel getting horror on your investigator is not that rare (euphemism). I'm often more frustrated by the printed limitation of "once per phase" on certain rounds, just because there can be so much opportunities to put horror on Agnes.

Then, spend 1 action playing Emergency Cache and you already have 3 of those 4 resources. And since Emergency Cache (lvl 2) has been released, it replaces it self. What more do you need? ;)

No Painkillers. For 1 resource and 3 horrors, heal 3 damage. Heck. I know you can heal some of that with Peter, but as I said, there's already too much horror going on in this game. For 0 resource, the Leather Coat "heals" you 2 damages (by soaking them).

No Blinding Light. Agnes is a fighter, kill the damn enemies! On most campaign start, a good Shrivelling (or 2) and Agnes' direct damage abilities are all you need. Then hurry up buying those enhanced Shrivelling and Song of the Dead.

Mulligan for: Shrivelling, Peter, Guts, Ward of Protection, Emergency Cache.

Upgrades: As your campaign progresses, you might want to consider those purchases:

  1. Peter Sylvestre (lvl 2), because it's just so good, I might even consider removing the Holy Rosary as you're getting the +1 bonus anyway. It frees the Accessory slot for Jewel of Aureolus, a card you might want to consider as the 6th purchase.
  2. Shrivelling or Shrivelling. It's better to update both at a lower level.
  3. Emergency Cache (lvl 2), see the reasons why above.
  4. Song of the Dead. Kill the damn enemies, getting rid of 1 Fearless in the process
  5. Fearless (lvl 2) to compensate for that Fearless' loss

Have fun!


Nov 23, 2017 Palefang · 53

From a theory point of view, you can still take huge benefits in Painkillers. You trigger her 1dmg 4 times a turn : during Investigation phase (that may be easy with spell consequences) ; during ennemy phase (if they attack your sanity) ; during Upkeep phase (well... quite nothing will trigger it, 'xcept from said Painkillers) and finally during Myth Phase (I doubt many Treacheries can hit you, so, again, Painkillers can be a way to trigger it). You can then reach a threshold of 4 triggers for 4 damages in a turn. It's an easy way to rapidly burn some big bad bosses, for only 1 ressource.

At higher levels, Fearless and Moment of Respite may allow that trick multiple times. Cherry on the cake, you heal your body every time for a total of 3 and let those 2 cards take care of your sanity.

Nov 24, 2017 banania · 349

Yes the Painkillers can be good in those big bosses situational cases. Any card triggering intently Agnes ability is.