Agnes' Bloody Coats

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AukeRosier · 3

Disclaimer: I don't have nearly all the cards, if there are more (fast) spell events or something do swap them in.

The main idea is to use your Rite of Seeking in order to trigger Scavenging, almost always retrieving Leather Coat. If you have nothing else out you're at a skill value of 7, so you could easily be investigating at a +5 or more (Spirit Athame also helps here). This is of course useful when you use your new power to take damage, as this damage is not direct. The Recharge is in there to fuel more investigation, but you should try to use it with a Counterspell in hand to cancel all but the .

Heirloom of Hyperborea also finally has its time to shine as you'll be playing a lot of cheap/fast spells and it doesn't exhaust. I would use the parallel one, but I can't find it in arkhamdb. I'm not sure about the Arcane Research, but I think Peter Sylvestre and Painkillers will be enough to get around your starting sanity of 4.

Suggestions that might also be good: Time Warp, Hypnotic Gaze (normally not so great but it's fast and you can play it for 1), Mind Wipe (again not the best card, but if you are set up it is also basically free and sometimes great)