Way of the blade

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MicNic · 60

Zoey wants you to know that she dislikes the forces of evil. She wants you to know this so much, that she’d like every enemy that pops up on the table to come HER WAY.

The rig:

  • The (extremely) Hungering Blade: make it so.
  • Trench Knife: You’re going to be engaging everything you can, even when you shouldn’t
  • Riot Whistle: Did I mention engagement?
  • Zoey’s Cross: Did I mention engagement?
  • Brother Xavier: Wise, damage-dealing soak friend.
  • Enchanted Armour: you’re probably going to get hit (Bless the bag up to keep it in play!)

And just so everyone knows how strongly you feel about there being no enemies to smite... you brought a Delve Too Deep to a stand-alone.


Feb 01, 2021 zozo · 2191

'Delve Too Deep to a stand-alone' made me chuckle! Excellent!

Feb 02, 2021 Llama · 1

Did you consider Lonnie Ritter for the combo with the Amour? I’ve trying to make Lonnie and Zoe work!

Great list, looks like fun to play.

Feb 02, 2021 MicNic · 60

Lonnie Ritter would be an absolute dream include, @Llama! Great idea.

I've a blind-spot for the packs I'm yet to grab, and alas the Winifred Habbamock starter still eludes me.

Feb 02, 2021 The_Sparrow_King · 1

Oh man, a Delve Too Deep to a stand alone. I pity the poor soul who plays with you!

I feel like "Get over here!" might the perfect card for what this deck is trying to do.

Feb 02, 2021 Susumu · 100

I used Arcane Research several times in my "Desperate Diana" decks, even in standalone. (Because it was helpful in combination with St. Hubert's Key.) But I agree with Sparrow King: if you bring this deck to a standalone multiplayer game, you are really trolling. I wonder, how often you played it, because 3 weapons are VERY inconsistent in Zoey, Prepared for the Worst or not.

I agree, "Get over here!" (0) would fit nicely with Riot Whistle and the other engage events, "Get over here!" (2) not so much, as the fast is wasted.

Feb 02, 2021 MicNic · 60

Oh, this deck is definitely leaning on the “unhinged” Zoey theme!

Right you are @The_Sparrow_King; few have lived to tell the tale.

Definitely not the friendliest fighter deck @Susumu; you’re quite correct. But I think your point about more knives is a good one. The beautiful Hungering Blade is the damage output target, but a Meat Cleaver wouldn’t go astray.

Overall, I cannot wait to get this to the table - but unfortunately, the pandemic makes this something to look forward to, rather than play test lots right now.

Feb 05, 2021 gitaxian · 1

be carefull Lonnie) Ritter spesify an item asset, Enchanted) Armor and Brother) Xavier are not item assets. So you would depend on other players.

Feb 07, 2021 Llama · 1

@gitaxianOh you are right! I just assumed it would be item traited but it’s essentially a protection spell that the guardian is casting.

Back to the Lonnie drawing board.

Feb 08, 2021 Django · 3369

Zoey's 4 is solid but i'm not sure it enough for enchanted armor. You could replace them with Bulletproof Vest which also works with Lonnie Ritter? Add Solemn Vow to move damage from other investigators to the vest? Though it doesn't fit the theme of the deck...

Backpack 2 in place of Prepared for the Worst, searching deeper and keeping more than just weapons.