Bark Harrigan On Fire - A Barkham Horror Deck

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trumpetfish · 1

You need to do the following replacements:

2x Something Worth Fighting For -> 2x "Spiked Collar"

2x Unexpected Courage -> 2x "Hair of the Dog"

Shell Shock -> "More Bark Than Bite"

Sophie -> "Catling Gun"

This is my first self-made deck, it is designed for a mulitplayer run on "The Meddling of Meowlathotep" together with Kate Winthpup and Jacqueline Canine. I was intrigued by the idea of making Flamethrower work along with some other smaller weapons. Bark Harrigan is currently the only investigator who can do this as with Flamethrower there is no Bandolier to get more handslots. This makes the signature weapon of Bark (his "Catling Gun") quite useless in this deck but as it takes two actions to fire a single shot I don't think it is too appealing anyway. So let's fry some cats :)

Strategy: Ever Vigilant, Prepared for the Worst and one Extra Ammunition go with Stick to the Plan. Mulligan for any weapon, keeping only "Spiked Collar" and Tetsuo Mori in hand. If you don't find a weapon, use Prepared for the Worst to find one, take some ressources and then play Ever Vigilant on your second turn. Use Machete as your main weapon and Survival Knife during the enemy phase to finish enemys off before they hit you or assign them additional damage with "Spiked Collar" (which is the better Guard Dog). Use Tetsuo Mori once he is dead to look for missing assets, i. e. Hallowed Mirror, which you don't need from the beginning. Once your deck has gotten slim it is easier to get to the copies of Soothing Melody and you will more likely have some damage and horror on you to be healed from. Once you get your hands on Flamethrower, have fun :)

Any comments and suggestions are highly appreciated.