Desperate and Reckless Rita Young

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smutcher357 · 66

This is an (untried) solo deck for Rita. Considering her low sanity I thought I would try a bit of desperate skill tech! The Cleaver and Peter can help leverage that, with the teddy as the usual buffer. I think fighting is not too difficult for Rita but finding clues is more of a challenge. I ignored "Look what I found!" for once, going for Breaking and Entering and Belly of the Beast for a change. The Newspaper might also be an option here too. I've tried to keep the costs low, so fewer assets than I might normally run.

Live and Learn is just so good with anyone so that's in, plus some stuff based around evade as that something Rita like to do.

Will this deck actually work? No idea really, if you give it a try let me know how you get on!


May 03, 2021 LivefromBenefitSt · 633

Any thoughts about upgrades?

May 03, 2021 smutcher357 · 66

I think there are a few obvious ones I could make @LivefromBenefitSt. Peter Sylvestre Lv2 is a clear one and possibly bring in the higher level Lucky! and/or Lucky!. The new Cherished Keepsake and the Lv4 Dig Deep also catch my eye.

In the past my fighting Rita decks have usually ended up with the Ornate Bow as it is just so strong in her. I would consider Brute Force and Cheap Shot maybe too.

On the clue getting sides things are less clear. There is Sharp Vision and "Look what I found!" of course but maybe just having suitable icons/skills to hand would be better; Rise to the Occasion, Unexpected Courage or Stroke of Luck for example.