Rex the Concealed-Killer [TSK Deck] (No campaign spoilers)

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Veronica212 · 284

This deck focuses on clearing the board of the Concealed Mini-cards without sacrificing tempo and is specifically designed for TSK.

I've not played Rex in a while, after trying the classic Dr. Milan Christopher + Higher Education I didn't really feel like he was driving me to play a certain style, just goodstuff. I enjoy an investigator that pushes me in a certain direction.

However, with some of the new cards from the last few cycles, I feel that Rex (with or without Taboo, whatever your table prefers) can make some genuinely interesting decks that other investigators can't. The Grim Memoir in particular really caught my eye as a way to draw cards and get extra clues with his ability.

Having played TSK's first few scenarios a few times now, I knew that I wanted whatever deck I play to be able to help deal with the new Concealed cards. Rex's is nice, because it is an additional instance of discovering clues (unlike something like Deduction), so you can still get the effects of the investigate and also expose a Mini-card.

Then someone over in the Mythos Busters Discord reminded me of Alice Luxley. I don't think she's had a great home before, but in TSK she's fantastic (and in fact worth splashing for in Dunwich investigators), since her lets you deal with a Concealed card while still picking up the clues.

You don't have to take In the Thick of It for Sleuth, I think it does synergize very well with the Grim Memoir. I ran some extra healing to compensate for the trauma and the damage and horror TSK can dish out, but if you've already got someone on your team taking care of that you can take additional movement or maybe something like Occult Invocation to help with enemies.

This deck is designed with the idea that you buy Miskatonic Archaeology Funding as soon as possible, so you can run a little ally army in addition to Alice Luxley. You can use the The Raven Quill to boost your Grim Memoir.

You'll want to run this deck along someone who can dish out some damage, because just exposing mini-cards isn't enough to deal with every enemy.

I hope this deck helps you get some success in the Scarlet Keys, let me know how it goes, I'm @Veronica212 on Discord and Until the End of Time on YouTube.


Mar 14, 2023 nungunungu · 4

Love the idea. I'll try it out in my next TSK run

Mar 15, 2023 arkham-becons · 50

Hi Veronica, I like the core concept of the deck, using Rex's ability to tackle the concealed cards. Here are some things I'd change if I'd run the deck myself:

1) Economy seems a bit thin. Two Crack the Case versus 15 assets and The Raven Quill, which basically serves as an asset. I think I would bolster the economy of the deck with two Burning the Midnight Oil or Emergency Cache. I realize that Sleuth provides some economy, however, most of your assets require up-front money and don't really care about trickle economy.

2) I would swap Arcane Enlightenment for a second copy of The Raven Quill. In my opinion the quill is superior as it can also make the asset take up no hand slots, but additionally can tutor the asset from your deck AND save you an action playing it. I'd probably shave Research Librarian in this case and replace it with economy or Laboratory Assistant.

Good luck in the campaign!

Mar 15, 2023 Veronica212 · 284

@arkham-becons good suggestions.

With regards to economy, I'm used to playing next to players with Stand Together, Faustian Bargain, or Schoffner's Catalogue. These cards should help with the up-front money. If you can't get your teammates to help with that, I think Burning the Midnight Oil is a great idea.

The one copy of The Raven Quill is very much intentional. My plan is to use it to get some free XP by playing it, then purchase a second copy by buying a single upgrade replacing something else. Because it is unique and rather weak early on I'd rather start with a single copy and another card in my deck.

You could replace the Arcane Enlightenment once you have The Raven Quill upgrade that makes the Grim Memoir not take up a slot.

Jan 14, 2024 Uffruption · 73

Did you consider playing Calling in Favours in this deck?