Actions? What Are Those? I Only Investigate

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hatfulofbomb · 732

Seekers, am I right? They always feel just a little bit too strong.

But what if... they didn't feel strong enough? What if, instead of taking those pesky actions to move, play your assets, or deal with enemies, you could simply investigate, then deal with those other issues later?

Presenting: No-Action Amanda. With a theoretical perfect hand, this deck should be able to successfully complete most scenarios without ever taking an action other than investigating.

"But Hatful," you say. "Surely that's an inefficient plan. Wasteful even. You fool, you."

Sure, I'm foolish. Foolish like a fox!

The gameplan: Mulligan as hard as you can for Unearth the Ancients, Perception, and either Pathfinder or Eon Chart.

At the beginning of your turn, put Perception underneath Amanda. Action 1: Investigate with Unearth the Ancients to put assets into play. Those assets will let you move around and deal with enemies as needed. Also, draw a bunch of cards, because Amanda is fair and balanced.

Action 2: Investigate again. Perhaps even using the second Unearth the Ancients you just drew to put Divination and Dream-Enhancing Serum into play. Draw more cards.

Fast schmoove on over to a new location, since the first one is looking a little barren now. Use that Divination to slurp up even more clues, drawing even more cards in the process.

"Oh, but Hatful, you dummy," you cry. "You'll run out of clue compression! Sure, Deduction underneath Amanda is gross, but Divination and Eon Chart both use charges and will run out."

wRONG. Enraptured! Put it underneath Amanda, fill up your Eon Chart for the rest of time. Hell, Eon Chart could even be Pendant of the Queen if you wanted to be even more disgusting, who am I to judge?

Did you just draw an encounter card which will force you to spend actions to remove it from your threat area? Forewarned, then pick those clues right back up!

"But Hatful, wouldn't this deck be super repetitive and boring to play?" You ask. Yes! Of course it will be, that's the whole point. I would never suggest playing this in anything other than a Standalone Scenario, as taking the same action for an entire campaign would no-doubt be extraordinarily dull, especially when you are as consistent as Amanda.

But for a Standalone? For the thought experiment? Go forth, and Unrelentingly take investigate actions, even as the other players beg you to do anything, anything else.


Nov 16, 2023 arkham-becons · 50

For some reason this deck is every Amanda deck I ever built. Trying to spend actions only to investigate is all I ever do with her and it makes me a bit uncomfortable ...

Nov 17, 2023 suika · 9279

Works until until someone else find a Locked Door or you suffer an Internal Injury ;)

Or even worse, you might run out of clues on the map! What would you do then?

Nov 17, 2023 Lodge_Infiltrator · 1

Seekers born after 1993 don't know how to do action, all they know is combo, investigate, be bisexual and break the campaign