Norman Withers - The Hounds Knows What's Written in the Star

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nightroar · 262

The figure of Written in the Stars shows a dog, that's definitely no coincidence.

This deck use Written in the Stars to reuse power skills. But why don't just play Amanda Sharpe instead? Because Amanda only has 3 action/3 skill tests she could commit skill cards to in her turn. Norman... well, also has 3 action, but can evoke more skill tests using Summoned Hounds. With Charisma and two hounds, Norman can do 5 investigation action with base 7 per turn(Glass and Key), which could mean 5 card draws, 5 additional clues, or, of course 5 . However, Unlike Amanda who gets to use their ability every turn, you only have 2 copies of Written in the Stars, so you want to intentionally create situation where you could do more skill test to maximize the outcome. If its not the best time for the combo yet, just get clues with your dogs normally.

Foresight can ensure the Bad Dog almost never comes out. Mind over Matter let you fight with so you can commit. Vantage Point is actually more useful than I thought when I playtest, it moves clues from location with high shroud/vp/far away to your location and you can investigation easier.

If you want summon more stuff, you can buy another Charisma and spend some exp on Summoned Servitor (□ Eyes of Flame,□ Wings of Night,□□ Dominance, optionally □□□□□ Dæmonic Influence) for 3 extra investigations.


Feb 10, 2024 RyanMuQ · 181

Norman cannot use Foresight to discard weakness (see Norman's Forced ability). It makes sense, otherwise Norman is actually immune to weakness with help of Scroll of Secrets.

Feb 10, 2024 nightroar · 262

A weakness is revealed on top of Norman's Deck, he is about to draw it due to his Forced ability and satisfy Foresight's play instructions, therefore you can just use it to cancel the weakness. Norman with foresight is indeed immune to all weakness. (With the exception of The Harbinger which disable's Norman's Forced ability when its revealed.)

Feb 10, 2024 unremb · 237

I think @nightroaris correct, since the Forced effect triggers after a weakness is revealed while on top of the deck.

I haven't found any rulings that states to the contrary but I may have simply missed it.

Feb 10, 2024 RyanMuQ · 181

You are right. The forced ability is a draw. In my mind I thought the weakness card is automatically in hands. haha