Asset. Ally. Arcane

Ally. Summon.

Cost: 3. XP: 1.
Test Icons:
Health: 3. Sanity: –.

As an additional cost to play Summoned Hound, you must search your bonded cards for 1 copy of Unbound Beast and shuffle it into your deck.

During your turn, except during an action, exhaust Summoned Hound: Fight/Investigate. Either attack with a base skill of 5, or investigate with a base skill of 5.

Matthew Cowdery
Where the Gods Dwell #282.
Summoned Hound

Just think of this: Using this from your discard pile, with chance encounter (2xp). Because this is not playing this, so you can have this ally out without its greatest weakness.

As you get a free action every turn, it is basically on par with Leo de Luca (pros: skill boost+cheaper, cons: only fight/investigate, 2 card combo/weakness).

vidinufi · 26
Flare also works. Patrice could take both and find the hound consistently, and unlike most people who can take this card she would actually run the relevant icons to make use of the extra action. — StyxTBeuford · 964
The free action every round at a boosted level is really strong imo. I think the free investigate action is stronger since there isn't a damage boost but for a combat focused Mystic that needs to deal an odd point of damage then it could save a charge on Shrivelling. I think this card will be great for anyone that puts a few static Int/Com boost into play and that has some capacity to deal with the weakness. — TWWaterfalls · 355
somebody elsewhere pointed out that you could put this into play with Markings of Isis, not that that's an amazing card outside of a few edge cases — Zinjanthropus · 8

I've been looking at this card for a while now cause the free action looks strong, but i think FFG overdid it with the costs and risks involved, mainly these:

  1. The main issue being, once you draw Unbound Beast the Summoned Hound will leave for the rest of the game, because the beast sets the hound aside and does not return it in any way. This is a mayor disadvantage because every card you draw could be it's end (like the next one after playing it) and gets worse the more you draw. Can be avoided if you "put it into play", not adding weakness to your deck.

  2. Arcane slot is a big problem for mystics cause most want to have a spell for investigate and combat. Then there's also a lot of support spells like Scrying or Seal of the Seventh Sign. Works better for off class mystics who don't need their arcane slots to win the game.

  3. Ally slot cause there's lots of great allies in the game.

  4. Base value of 5 is enough for shroud 3/ fight 3 on standard difficulty. Mystics tend to have many icons on their cards and stack boosts so it won't help on more difficult tasks and risks retaliate or haunted penalties. Again off class mystics work better when they stack or boosts.

  5. Update: If you reshuffle you deck after killing the Unbound Beast and draw it again, it's revelation will likely set it aside. But that draw is still wasted.

Avoiding the weakness

Django · 2361
Patrice has the icons to use it well and can take A Chance Encounter 2 as a way to put it into play and skip the weakness. — StyxTBeuford · 964
You can either use cards like A Chance Encounter (2) to put the ally into play and bypass shuffling the weakness into your deck, or you can use cards like Alyssa (and/or Scroll of Secrets, lol...) to try to prevent yourself from ever drawing the weakness. If you're Diana, you can cancel the Unbound Beast with Dark Insight. A free action almost every round is very strong, so this card definitely takes some thought to put in your deck. I agree with you though that I don't know whether the extra work to put this card into your deck is worth the effort, though, but it'd be interesting to try. — iceysnowman · 124
The hound isn’t unique so you can have more in play, even over several players. But Alyssa occupies another ally slot... might be worth it if you build your deck around them. — Django · 2361
My Skull King Jim deck can pull off the Summoned Hound I think. He runs Alyssa Graham which can bury both his weakness and the Unbound Beast on the bottom. And he uses Alyssa, St. Hubert — TWWaterfalls · 355
Completing my comment - St. Hubert's Key and Hawk Eye Camera for Intellect boosts. The Summoned Hound would almost be one guaranteed clue per round with him. That is crazy. He can also kill the Beast if it does get out. — TWWaterfalls · 355
If Alyssa spots the beast you could also use eureka or arcane initiate to reshuffle your deck, intead of adding doom to her. — Django · 2361
Actually my favorite part of using Alyssa is to minimize the times that I shuffle my deck after sticking something on the bottom so I don't include cards like Eureka. I want to never see that card again. Of course the encounter deck doesn't always cooperate. — TWWaterfalls · 355