Asset. Hand

Item. Tome.

Cost: 3.
Test Icons:

Uses (4 secrets).

Spend 1 secret: Choose an investigator at your location. That investigator draws 3 cards, then discards 1 card from their hand. it was, and so shall it ever be.
Ethan Patrick Harris
The Search for Kadath #116.
Scroll of Prophecies

This is monstrously strong for Daisy. I had really hoped that the last couple tomes would offer significant build flexibility to my old favorite — that wasn't the case. It's just very hard to be better than Book of Old Lore. Here, I'm hoping we see the first inkling of a card that at least defines a solid shift in the viable archetypes.

Let me list for you all the Mystic cards with a draw effect, up to Dream Eaters:

...That's it. In 92 mystic cards, Mystics have only four options for card draw. Four, because Quantum Flux and Scroll of Secrets draw one card for one action, the same as the default draw action all investigators can do. And Mystics have the most severe out of class restrictions among all the classes: Father Mateo only has a pseudo-draw with Grisly Totem, Akachi Onyele can only take Decorated Skull, Marie Lambeau can only take Feed the Mind (Hallowed Mirror and Occult Lexicon don't count; they add as many or more cards to your deck as they draw), Jim Culver has 5 extremely valuable slots for out of class cards, and only for lvl 0 cards.

To these investigators, Scroll of Prophecies is a GODSEND. It is consistent, reliable, and most importantly PREDICTABLE card draw, traits that only Sacrifice can boost, and that comes with, well, a sacrifice. the other options are dependant on the chaos bag (Jewel of Aureolus), the encounter deck (The Stars Are Right), or can only draw zero to one spell cards (Arcane Initiate). AND it occupies a hand slot, the second least contested slot for mystics (body being the first).

Now, the caveat. Must you include card draw in your deck? No, you don't. Mystic characters have been just fine up till now, and are not in any way beholden to Scroll of Prophecies. But this card allows you to play with more if not all of your deck in one scenario. You can include more skill cards and events with the fast keyword; high tempo cards with no lasting value. What I see in this cards is new deck archetypes opening up for Mystics, and I for one am excited to try a spell event heavy Agnes Baker again.

Lucaxiom · 3307

I've been messing around with a hyper-draw Sefina Rousseau that uses this and 2x Quantum Flux. So far I'm loving it. I'm also using 2x Pickpocketing to give me even more draw. This means I get to have multiple uses of many key events for getting clues or fighting. To enable the Pickpocketing I start with Stealth then move to Suggestion. Since i'm drawing so many cards its not uncommon to have 2x Pickpocketing. I combo my evades with Double or Nothing, "Watch this!", and Gregory Gry. This often nets me 18 resources.

From here I pay may way into winning with Intel Report, Small Favor and once I have xp Lola Santiago

Each Scroll of Prophecies can enable me to grab 12 cards from my deck. I discard what I don't need right now and it's not much of a downside because of the reshuffle from Quantum Flux

Sefina Rousseau is pretty fast and doesn't need much setup since she is so event heavy. Scroll of Prophecies helps to ensure you're even faster since you can just pick and choose what you need right now from your deck.

I might replace these with All In at some point and grab some Spirit Athame but for now they are doing work.

Tacomental · 18
I agree that this is a pretty underrated card! — Zinjanthropus · 208
Do you have a link to your deck? — acotgreave · 396

Amazing card for investigators with weakness in hand, such as Agnes or anyone with dark pact 200characters200characters200characters200characters 200characters200characters200characters200characters 200characters200characters200characters200characters

Pawiu14 · 109
A player may not optionally choose to discard a weakness card from hand, unless a card explicitly specifies otherwise. — suika · 8622
You cannot discard weakness by Scroll of Prophecies. You cannot choose to discard weakness from your hand unless specified. You can only discard (non-hidden) weakness by discarding all cards in hand or randomly chosen. — elkeinkrad · 316
Really? if so, you changed my playstyle for almost all mystics. Thanks! — Pawiu14 · 109
You can find sulkas quote under the point weakness in the rules — Tharzax · 1
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