Asset. Hand

Item. Tome.

Cost: 1. XP: 3.
Test Icons:

Uses (4 secrets).

Exhaust Scroll of Secrets and spend 1 secret: Look at the top or bottom card of any investigator's deck or the encounter deck. Then, either discard that card, add it to its owner's hand, place it on the bottom of its deck, or place it on top of its deck.

Matthew Cowdery
For the Greater Good #189.

Latest Taboo

This card’s ability is now a ability.

Scroll of Secrets

Must say I don't think they got this one right as an upgrade. You're spending 3xp for one additional secret and a willpower pip. The seeker version is vastly superior since it allows you to search three cards at a time and do something to all of them. That's a card that has legitimate utility to a number of investigators. This ? Not so much. I honestly can't see why anybody would ever buy this card. It's only marginally better than the Lvl 0 version. If it was a Lvl 1 card then it might be worth adding to a deck. 1xp for an extra secret seems about right, a small investment for a small bonus. At 3xp it's just prohibitively expensive.

This would have been much better if it was a free action trigger. That way you'd have two different upgrade paths, both of which were valid. Seekers would get the greater range of cards they could influence, mystics would get the much more limited scope but without having to spend any actions to use it. As it is though, I'd be amazed if anybody ever uses this card in their decks.

Sassenach · 138
This also lets you look at the top card of the deck, the unupgraded version only looks at the bottom. — cfmcdonald · 7
Ah yes, so it does. That does make it a little better then. Still not worth 3xp though in my opinion. I could see how a combo with Alyssa Graham or scrying might be effective, but that's going to be finicky to set up. — Sassenach · 138
Really, there is a big difference between the top and bottom because of the four options the card gives you. Putting a card on the bottom or discarding when you took the card from the bottom initially is mostly worthless. Hitting bad cards with this version actually gives you some value. — Death by Chocolate · 796
Sure, but the vast majority of the time you're not going to hit a weakness. There's a big difference between drawing a good card from the bottom than one from the top, which you would have gotten at the end of the round anyway. — Sassenach · 138
I think this would be bad as a level 0 card. — CaiusDrewart · 2403
I think the major redeeming quality of this card is that it synergizes well with Wendy's amulet. So if Wendy is in your group, you can potentially let her reuse the same card 4 times. Imagine Wendy committing "Look what I found" to a skill test and then using that card on a fail to get 2 clues, then it's your turn and Wendy's get the card back in her hand. Repeat 3 more times. — Killbray · 54
I agree with @Sassenach -- this card is a dud. Manipulating the encounter deck is a cool mechanic, but it's rarely worth it to pay an action to check the top card. Whatever you do with that top card of the encounter deck, you are (essentially) putting another encounter card on top that reads: "Surge; Revelation: lose one action." Just not worth it. — Mordenlordgrandison · 310
Here you have it. Free trigger! — petercheungjr · 1

This card is actually really good in a Gloria deck. Alyssa Graham and scroll help Gloria mine the encounter deck further; it's also a good backup in case you haven't got your Alyssa out yet, and takes up a hand slot instead of arcane.

When Gloria controls encounter deck, I think, Scroll of Secrets (0) is enough. This is because that Gloria can place looked cards on top of encounter deck even if she look at the bottom of deck. Of course, 3 level version is very useful for Gloria. Gloria has a time to look a top of player deck, and Scroll of Secrets (3) can discard looked weakness without any penalty. — elkeinkrad · 151

Bad combo piece. This card has only value over the level 0 version if you already know what's the top card of your deck or the encounter deck. It'd be amazing with Norman Withers if his text didn't force you to immediately draw every weakness you see on top of the deck. It might still be ok on him.

Otherwise you need effects like Scrying or Alyssa Graham to make this more valuable than the base version, except these cards already do good things on their own. This card does not justify itself over the base version.

Mataza · 15
Considering trying this in a Norman deck as a further way to manipulate top card. Potentially could pull the top card to commit, bury a card that isn't currently useful, grab a fast card that you'll use next round to make another card pop this round, etc. Burying is especially useful if something like Arcane Initiate helps pull that card back up later so it's not lost on the bottom forever. — Time4Tiddy · 152