Empower Self

Asset. Arcane


Cost: 3. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Myriad. Limit 1 Empower Self (Stamina) per deck.

Up to 3 Empower Self cards take up a single arcane slot.

Anytime a card effect requires you to use instead of , you may ignore that aspect of the effect.

Exhaust Empower Self: You get +2 for this test.

Felipe Escobar
Point of No Return #241.
Empower Self

I don't see much use of any of the Empower Self cards.
Most Mystics will prefer to use their willpower since it's likely to be their highest stat, plus it takes up a highly coveted Arcane slot.
I can see it appearing in a Werewolf Diana Stanley deck, particularly in the Eldritch Knight variant.
Outside of Mystics I doubt Patrice Hathaway can truly capitalize with her low ,, and , particularly on higher difficulties.
Sefina Rousseau is plagued by the same limitations, while also having it compete with Double, Double (4), Borrowed Time (3), and Suggestion (4) for the Arcane slot.
Intriguingly, I can see a support Daisy Walker taking this, with limited competition for her Arcane slots and ability to maximize its utility combining with Encyclopedia (2), Strange Solution (4)
Norman Withers might be able to make use of Empower Self: Acuity, but the not much of the others. Besides, I'd prefer to use Scrying (3) as well as Shrivelling (5)/Mists of R'lyeh (4) on the Arcane slot over Empower Selves.

Did I miss out on any investigator who is able to pick up Empower Selves?
Or any combinations that maximizes its utility?

unremb · 194
(Not my idea) Lola Hayes can take and probably benefit from all 3. — StyxTBeuford · 12621
@StyxTBeuford True... I always miss out on Lola Hayes - I tend to play on Hard difficulty and Lola's 3 on all stats just doesn't cut it. — unremb · 194
@unremb you are clearly missing the piint about this card. Hard. Empower Self allows enables you to play previosly unmatching skill icons into the test. Acuity allows you to combine the upgraded sixth sense with deduction to gain 1 or 2 extra clues on every location you may be considered investigating. Stamina allows you to add vicious blow for extra damage (if you can muster enough combat icons). But most of all Purple can finally use enraptured on investigation spells to add more charges. And Mystic has some good wild card icons on its cards so you can reasonably expect to pass them. I am looking forward to try this in Maria Lambeau. — Skeith · 1680
Maybe I'm being dense here, but I don't really understand your point Skeith. I mean, I get it, but I can't think of many examples where this is going to actually help. The only one that immediately springs to mind is with Rite of Seeking, where an off class mystic like Daisy who has a baseline Int that's much higher than her will could choose to use the higher stat and to commit Deduction to get 3 clues with one action. That is admittedly a pretty sweet combo, but in most cases mystics will have much stronger Will than they do any other stat so where is the advantage ? You're only going to be able to commit unmatched icons if you're not choosing to use Will for the test, so most of the time it'll be a wash even with the boost from Empower Self. What am I missing ? — Sassenach · 152
@Skeith I get what you mean with combination of Shrivelling/Rite of Seeking with Vicious Blow/Deduction/etc, however, Arcane Slots are highly coveted for all Mystics. Marie Lambeau can somewhat make use of Acuity (like Norman Withers as described in my review), but can barely make use of the other 2. Is it worth the 2XP, 3 resources, and Arcane Slot for a 1/round +2 boost to your intellect? I very much doubt so. Daisy can reasonably make use of each skill, which makes the cost much easier to stomach. With Akachi is somewhat reasonable, with her decent 3 combat, but as described above, my personal favourite to use Empower Selves in Mystics is Diana Stanley, with her 1/3/3/3 statline (and moderate resource generation). — unremb · 194
I really think people are overestimating the impact of changing skill cards for a test. Throwing a Vicious Blow onto a Shrivelling as Diana for example sounds good, but then you have to also have weapons in your deck as Diana to make that worthwhile- if you slot VB in just for empower self, you're relying on a one of in your deck to let you do that, and if you do have other weapons then it's not hard to just play those and use VB on those instead. Enraptured on investigating is nice, but Read the Signs already does that anyway, on top of boosting your investigating power enough that you're unlikely to fail the test, thereby all but guaranteeing the Enraptured charge. Deduction with Sixth Sense/Rite also sounds nice, but again it's adding a dead card into your deck unless you have some way to investigate normally that isn't dependent on the one of card. For Marie in particular that seems really bad because Deduction is eating two of your five splash slots and she didn't need to use the investigating spells anyway, so switching icons isn't so meaningful for her. — StyxTBeuford · 12621
@StyxTBeuford not to mention it’s a limit 1/deck for each Empower, making this janky combination extremely unreliable. — unremb · 194
@StyxTBeuford my bad... didn't notice you already mentioned that it's 1/deck in your comment. I'm liking Empower Self less and less :-( — unremb · 194
As you'd probably expect, it's on a par with other on-demand +2 boosting assets. Well Connected can boost any test but requires you to keep 10 resources on hand. Cornered requires you to discard a card every time you use it. This doesn't have any activation cost so in that sense it's superior, but it requires a greater resource cost to get all the boosts into play, takes up an arcane slot and uses up more of your deck space. That seems about right tbh. We wouldn't want it to be much more powerful. I think it'll likely find a home in off-class mystics more commonly, who don't have access to the higher level spell assets or who don't have very high willpower. — Sassenach · 152
I didn't say that it is a very good by itself. It is niche card that serves a specific purpose and that it does well. Only the skill boost is once per turn. The stat change can be applied at any time. That makes it useful for building combo decks. — Skeith · 1680
For example I am currently trying to abuse defiance and dark prophecy to draw bad tokens and negate them most turns. To do this I use dream enhancing serum and lab assisstant to hold the entire deck without discarding. This enables redrawing everything you play in action via feed the mind. Why is that good? Because with knowledge is power you can use feed the mind to redraw everything fast and thus have every powerful once or twice per game event available on every action. This also enables you activating spell assets from hand. No need to worry about arcane slots at all. I actually use six. 2 from sign magick and 2 in hand. The only thing missing was something to consistently recharge the played spells without spending an action. Rapture fits the bill but was not playable with clue spells aside from guiding stones. This fixes that nicely. — Skeith · 1680
Given your requirements, I gather you're referring to Marie Lambeau. I don't see why you wouldn't just use the Archaic Glyphs then, instead of jumping through hoops using Empower Self. Other candidates are Daisy Walker and Akachi Onyele; Daisy is already discussed above and Akachi would prefer to use her 5 willpower vs 2 intellect. — unremb · 194
You are correct of course. But I have developed the deck basically to make bad token fishing worthwhile via consistently replaying dark prophecy. And I wanted to use as many bonus effects that trigger of it. So sixth sense > archaic glyphs. But yes, the latter would save me some headache. I also included jewel of aurelious even though alchemical transmutation 2 is far more effective generating resources then used with knowledge is power. Neither Akachi nor Daisy can pull off what I want to do here. Only Ms. Lambeau has access to both feed the mind and the high level mystic spells. — Skeith · 1680
@Sassenach I think it's not truly on par with other +2 boosting assets. Cornered has the benefit of being able to activate more than once per round. Well Connected can boost an insane amount for any test if resources permit (e.g. Preston/Sefina moneybags). Well Prepared does not take up any slots. Quick Study's cost is prohibitive, though certain builds depend on the clue manipulation afforded by it. I think the resource and the slot cost for Empower Self might be too much, looking at it from purely the 1/round +2 to 1 stat point of view. Perhaps it might improve with future expansions adding new combinations. — unremb · 194

These Myraid Cards are specifically for one person and one person only.

Sefina Rousseau.

Spectral Razor and Read the Signs are the Events to duplicate and she has no innate ability to boost her Intelligence and Strength. And here is where these cards come into play.

Empower Self is best used with Mists of R'lyeh or later in the campaign with Ornate Bow to get up to 8 Agility. Yes, she does want Suggestion as well, so there would be three cards for evading in one arcane slot and the other three for basically everything else in another.

Also one other thing. She is so RICH she could solely afford to use those spells.

No paranoia.

ambiryan13 · 137
Or Patrice — MrGoldbee · 1174
They are very useful in Diana, n a build that doesn’t care about Willpower. — LivefromBenefitSt · 842