Cost: 1.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play after a location enters play or is revealed during an investigator's turn.

Until the end of the active investigator's turn, that location gets -1 shroud. You may move 1 clue to that location from any other location.

Jose Vega
Shattered Aeons #306.
Vantage Point

I had a friend play this tonight when we were playing the second scenario of Forgotten Age, and he had a pretty clever use for it: he took the last clue off of a high shroud location (shroud 5) and put it on a slightly lower shroud location that had just been revealed (shroud 4). Why was this clever? Because the location we took the last clue from was worth a victory point.

Now, you can obviously use this card to lower the shroud of a location and make it easier to investigate for a turn, but I don't think that's terribly relevant. Why? Because, except for a few corner cases where people have extra actions, you are, at best, going to get two investigations with -1 shroud.

I think the best use of this card you are going to regularly get to use is taking clues from locations you don't want them and moving them somewhere else. And I don't just mean from high shroud locations. Some locations inflict a penalty for trying to move on to them or for trying to investigate on them. And I can think of three locations from that scenario alone that would fit the above description.

But the times you will be most proud of yourself will be the times when you spent one resource and net your team a victory point.

Schielman · 2
This event can save a lot of move actions if there‚Äôs a lone clue at the other side of the map. This card had interesting interactions with the rougarou scenario. — Django · 1652
That's pretty much how I like using it: net a free VP from a painful location (such as spend 3 resources to investigate. Yar!) — Razoupaf · 1

This card is like half a flashlight that is much less flexible ("during an investigator's turn" is the important part). The second effect may sometimes be useful but I don't think I'll ever include 2 copies of this unless I know that the scenario will be adding locations as I go (e.g. Forgotten Age).

jmmeye3 · 80
I don't know if it's quite that bad; it's cheap, fast, and can be played when a location is revealed (turned face-up), which happens a lot in every scenario, in every campaign. I think its biggest limiter is that an investigator needs to take the action to reveal/put into play the location, so you're only getting a full turn of buffed investigations if you have free investigates (Ursula) or free moves (pathfinder/shortcut). — SGPrometheus · 120