Gate Box
Worlds within Worlds


Item. Relic.

Cost: 3.

Luke Robinson deck only. Uses (3 charges).

Exhaust Gate Box and spend 1 charge: Disengage from each enemy engaged with you, search your bonded cards for Dream-Gate (Wondrous Journey), put it into play, and move to it.

Robert Laskey
The Dream-Eaters #13.
Gate Box

Very surprised this card hasn't been reviewed.

Is this the best investigator signature card in the game? I don't know but its definitely up there.

You get to (3 times):

1) Move to any revealed location for free, if you let the game knock you out at the end of your turn.

2) Cancel/Dodge Enemy Encounter cards if you can Scrying, which should be a staple in your deck.

3) Auto Evade any amount of enemies, engaged with you.

4) Gather clues/deal damage/gather resources/help allies/create walls/move with Shortcut/and gather draw/resources in complete safety, using an event card.

5) Set up your assets mid-game without fear of reprisal.

That's a lot of value and flexibility for a signature care, add on IT STARTS IN PLAY. Some of the amazing signature cards may never come up in a scenario thus making them worthless, but this will always get value.

Finally if you can add Enraptured or Premonition + Recharge for even more value.

Sure It's no Duke or Family Inheritance nor is it Bury Them Deep, Dark Insight or Mystifying Song, but it's pretty goddamn close.

Lament · 530
Yes it's not Duke, Family Inheritance, etc etc... it's much much better. This is the best signature in the game, period. — snacc · 942
Weirdly enough it is activated best in the player window after the investigation phase to stay there longer. Might not be intuitive for everyone. — AlderSign · 199
Can you use Gate-Box while in Pointless Reality to effectively move to Wondrous Journey, by basically expending a charge? If not, why? (Note: I'm not arguing this point only curious if no one has thought of it because the answer is obvious OR no one has thought of it and I'd like to know the ruling rationale before I play it) — Dugbo · 1
@Dugbo Gate Box instruct you to search your "bonded cards", while Pointless Reality is in play, there is nothing in your "bonded cards", therefore no effect. — nightroar · 262