Asset. Body

Item. Armor. Relic.

Cost: 4. XP: 5.
Test Icons:
Health: 4. Sanity: –.

When damage is assigned to Armor of Ardennes, exhaust Armor of Ardennes: Cancel 1 of that damage.

Adam Lane
Dim Carcosa #305.
Armor of Ardennes

A headscratcher of a card. Most Guardians will be defeated by horror, not damage. This card will make you all but immune to damage effects.

Sadly, at the moment it seems too expensive (both resource and xp) to be worthwhile. I can see its merit in Mark Harrigan, who wants to preserve his health as much as possible for his triggers and to avoid his weakness... but even then.

Also it has a cute interaction with smoking pipe.

But still, really ask yourself is this better than a lightning gun? I would say 9/10 the answer is a solid no.

I hope there is some way of reducing this cards xp cost or they release a leveled down version at some point, because I have a feeling this won't see all that much play until then.

Myriad · 584
I also don't see the point of this card. It's incredibly expensive and it's only available to Guardians, i.e., the class that already has massive health reserves and also has major economy problems. Why bother combining this with Smoking Pipe when you could just buy Moment of Respite or Elder Sign Amulet for fewer XP? — CaiusDrewart · 1033
It's particularly disappointing because Peter Sylvester has a similarly powerful effect against sanity damage, and offers other benefits--and he's a level 0 card! I think the designers were way off on this one. — CaiusDrewart · 1033
Trying to imagine how this could be good in a Guardian deck, I can think of two scenarios: 1) As a Guardian, it can allow you to be totally reckless and take actions while engaged with enemies without worrying about Attacks of Opportunity, but only 1/turn. Probably best for that in solo play. 2) If you're running Teamwork, it's crazy good to give to your squishies. Hand it to Daisy/Rex and watch them investigate with nary a care. Other than that, yeah, kinda pointless on Guardian. — SGPrometheus · 135
Of note, you cannot use this with smoking pipe. Canceling the cost cancels the effect; the cost isn't paid, so you don't get the effect. — CecilAlucardX · 2
@cecilalucardX: Are you sure that's correct? You're still assigning the damage to the armor, which seems to satisfy the "take 1 damage" portion of the cost, and in any case, you're still exhausting the asset and spending the charge. Can you point to the FAQ or ruling that governs this? — SGPrometheus · 135
I can see no reason why this wouldn't work with Smoking Pipe. The cost is paid, damaging the armor, then you exhaust it cancelling 1 damage, so the effect it's preventing from initiating is damaging the armor, not healing the horror. I think!! — bern1106 · 2
What it really comes down to is the definition of "Take": If "Take" means "Assign", then yes, for the purposes of the cost, this is checked during Step 1 of Damage. If "Take" means "Dealt", then per Step 2, "If no damage/horror is applied in this step, no damage/horror has been successfully dealt." and since no damage has been "Dealt", the cost is not considered paid. So now we need a proper definition of "Take" versus "Dealt", "Assigned", "Applied" etc. — CecilAlucardX · 2
Additionally, under Health and Damage: "Any time a card TAKES damage, place a number of damage tokens equal to the amount of damage just taken on the card (see "Dealing Damage/Horror" on page 7)." If you are not putting tokens on the card, due to cancellation, are you still considered to be "Taking"? — CecilAlucardX · 2
Personally, for thematic reason, I don't think Armor of Ardennes should interact with Smoking Pipe. You smoke the pipe, the body get weakened, not the armor. — brightknight_216 · 21
Smoking Pipe combo is useless on Mark. You want that 1 damage on you true grit/etc. to draw a card with his innate. — Xulez · 26
Actually, per Matthew Newman: "If the cost of a card cannot be paid or is canceled, the cost has not been successfully paid, thus its effects do not resolve. For example, if you use Armor of Ardennes to cancel the damage that is part of a card's cost, the damage has not been successfully dealt (or taken), and therefore the cost has not been paid." So it looks like taken also means dealt, which ties to the step 2 post above. — CecilAlucardX · 2
I agree that Guardians in general don't need it, but it's really good on Mark Harrigan. The only problem is it competes with Bandolier, as both of these cards occupy the same slot and Mark would want it as he wants a Shotgun equipped at some point. — matt88 · 592
Mark can't use it well,because assign damage is earlier than place the damage. — wjqcx512 · 7
It's really sad that it doesn't combo with the pipe; it would actually be usable then. On a totally unrelated note, the symbol on the armor is the same as the symbol on the guy's hood on Fearless. How odd. — SGPrometheus · 135
@SGPrometheus: That symbol looks like the Chi-Rho, an ancient symbol of Christianity. — CaiusDrewart · 1033
i bought this card somewhere during the end of the carcosa campaign with zoey and never regretted it (4 physical trauma sure is a lot). I think that the armor of ardennes is a late-game card. It has been great so far in miigating the traumas. I am pondering whether i should post this deck or not as i am running out of ideas what to buy next. (50+ XP) — RaahqMcMupfel · 1