Cost: 3. XP: 3.


Fight. This attack uses instead of . This attack deals +2 damage. If you succeed by 2 or more, return Backstab to your hand at the end of your turn.

Federico Piatti
Winifred Habbamock #29.


(from the official FAQ or responses to the official rules question form)
  • Q: If a card such as Cheap Shot is returned to my hand, what areas am I allowed to retrieve it from? If it is shuffled into my deck, can I still return it to my hand? A: In general, unless otherwise specified, players can “return” such a card from any play area, so long as it is in an area that allows the card to be found and identified. For example, if Cheap Shot is in the discard pile or attached to another card (such as a Crystallizer of Dreams) and you are able to find it, you may return it to your hand from that area. However, if it is in a place where its position is impossible to determine (such as shuffled into your deck) or facedown in a place where you are not allowed to look at its other side (for example, as a swarm card), you would be unable to return it to your hand, and therefore that aspect of the effect would fail. Additionally, if Cheap Shot is removed from the game, unless specifically stated otherwise, no game effects can interact with it in any way until the end of the game. - FAQ, v.1.8, October 2020
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By itself, this is a TERRIBLE waste of 3 XP. no discount or bonus damage and on any average result you wont be picking the card back up at all.


And last. but probably most importantly:

Chuck Fergus.

And there it is, I daresay I dont need to talk much more about why this might be a cool upgrade. Play it in a deck with other stuff that rewards you for overcommitting (Lucky Cigarette Case) and to generate Chuck value grab a heap of other Trick or tactic cards, Cheap Shot and Slip Away are obvious complements.

Nearly every can build a deck where this thing shines, only Finn Edwards (who cannot take Chuck Fergus) and Tony Morgan (with his low agility) aren't interested.

My biggest counterpoint to use Backstab is the existence of Ornate Bow, which itself is basically a Backstab on tap, but I guess you might come to the conclusion that they complement one another or that, once fully set up, a Chuck engine is WAY faster then the action intense bow.

Tsuruki23 · 2474
I think the biggest issue with this card is that you need to have an amazing economy to play it over and over. The biggest issue with Ornate Bow for Rogues is that it prevents them using one of the strongest cards in the Rogue cardpool (Lockpicks). L3 Backstab frees up their hands but it will get so expensive. The other problem with Backstab in general is that it doesn't include a combat boost for the test. If you need to use it early before you have assets in play then it might be hard to pass as a 4. But Chuck Fergus is amazing with this. A deck built around looks like so much fun to play. — The Lynx · 952
Yeah, this card got _way_ undertuned by the designers (probably because they didn't want it to be OP with Chuck). It's completely not worth the XP in most cases. They could have at least given it an extra icon or something. Compare to I've Got A Plan (2), and be annoyed. — Zinjanthropus · 223
Agree with above. Looks interesting and fun but not viable unless you're on easy. No combat boost means high chance of failure or need loads of support. 3 cost makes it hard to use more than 1 or 2 times. — fates · 48
To be fair, playing as Wini this is a lot more useable even without Chuck. Mind you she can cycle through her deck a lot, but in the right build this is def. a useable card for Wini. — Krysmopompas · 351