Cost: 2. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Fast. Play when an enemy attacks an investigator at your location.

Cancel that attack. Then, reveal a random token from the chaos bag. If it has a , , , , or symbol, deal damage to the attacking enemy equal to its damage or horror.

Jacqueline Fine #23.
Hypnotic Gaze

It's -1 cost compared to the level 0 version, and it has an extra icon. If you can pull off the token pull (hello, Jacqueline, Olive, and various kindred cards) you can use it on all those annoying Geist enemies from TCU, plus any horror-not-damage enemies you care to fight. The reduced cost makes it more playable in Mystic decks that often suffer from resource shortages, and it;'s nice that both versions work on Elites.

It’s still a very expensive dodge. I do not get this card. — StyxTBeuford · 2311
I'd say this card is very strong. I rarely played the lvl 0 version because 3 resources is a lot, but this version is more reasonably priced and you can use either damage or horror values which means you can easily pull off 2 or even 3 damage which is significant. It does require a test in that you need a specific token, but there's no consequence if you fail and there are lots of ways to force one of those tokens to resolve if you really want. — LaRoix · 165