Calvin pays the Blood Toll

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matt88 · 1797

First things first:

"I'll see you in hell!" = Ghastly Revelation

Waylay = Trial by Fire

ArkhamDB has these two cards flagged as unreleased at the time of publishing this deck.

The Main Concept

I 've been tinkering with this deck for quite a long of time, but due to lack of support it felt more like a gimmick rather than a "valid" deck, but with the release of Ghastly Revelation and Trial by Fire, I believe this deck has some serious potential.

The main concept is to get Blood Eclipse asap and use Ghastly Revelation and Voice of the Messenger to load up on mental trauma, so that you start each game with at least 3 or 4 mental trauma and little-to-no physical trauma, thus giving Blood Eclipse some serious potential, in a way that you can land a big hit without serious consequences, as well as allowing you to put damage on yourself, which, in turn, will allow you to deal with enemies efficiently for the rest of the scenario. Of course there are plenty of cards in the deck to support this playstyle, about which I'm going to talk through the rest of the description.


High Priority

Useful to have this. More horror soak and boost for better chance at landing Blood Eclipse.

Core card of the deck, as described above. The whole deck revolves around this card.

Medium Priority

(Only if you have at least 3 or 4 mental Trauma:)

Once you get to 3 or 4 mental trauma, the self-horror mechanics provided by Ghastly Revelation and Meat Cleaver will not only be less important, but they will also become more dangerous to use. You never want to go above 4 mental trauma, and you don't need to put more horror on yourself with Meat Cleaver. Plus, Timeworn Brand is an awsome, awsome weapon.

By including Blood Eclipse in our deck, we play a dangerous game, so this card is very useful. Blood Eclipse provides a self-damage mechanic which is useful at the start of the scenario, but we still have to deal with the damage the scenario is going to throw on us.

For me this card is nearly an auto-include in Calvin Wright. 5 icons is awsome.

Low Priority

Here, you can pick your favourite toys to deal with those tough situations you are going to encounter; because it's Arkham. You will deal with tough situations at some point. Ward of Protection becomes less useful at the late stages of the campaign. With 4 mental trauma you start 4 and 4 , so you will mostly use it for treacheries that target , which don't show up very often.



Take Heart will be harder to trigger at the late stages of the campaign due to your high starting . You can still combo it with Drawing Thin, but you have to find a high-shroud location. Stand Together provides a similar effect, though it always costs an action, but you can also help another teammate, so I think it's a valid upgrade.


General Guideline

As we described above, the plan is to use Ghastly Revelation and Voice of the Messenger in order to get to 3 or 4 mental trauma, fairly early in the campaign. After you get to 4 mental trauma, you should stop taking mental trauma; going above 4 is too dangerous, even though we have a lot of horror soak. This strategy has pros and cons. The pros are that by rushing mental trauma, you will begin the game with a respectable statline as far as dealing with treacheries and getting clues are concered. That means that you won't sit idle waiting for the scenario to throw horror on you so that you can start collecting clues. After you set up, you 're good to go. On the other hand, your physical stats will be remarkably low, making you unable to deal with enemies effectively. And this is why we have a lot of support cards. Fight or Flight and Trial by Fire are your best friends early in the game, as they will provide you with one-time solutions against enemies. Additionally, Blood Eclipse adds up to these options, as it is not only a one-time solution against an enemy, but it will also "enable" you for the rest of the scenario. So, adding up to these options, you have a total of 6 cards in the deck that are one-off solutions against enemies, two of which give you a more permanent solution. That is all of course, if you have a weapon on the table, which is another issue. Additionally, be aware that by accumulating a lot of trauma, you become more vulnerable to Voice of the Messenger and more prone to any additional trauma suffered through scenario resolutions, so you should be careful. Getting to 3 or 4 mental trauma is a task that should be completed around the end of scenario 3 or 4. So the main cons of this deck are that you can't deal with enemies early in the scenario if you don't have the right cards and that you are prone to any additional trauma.

Economy and card draw

Drawing Thin and Take Heart are your best friends here. You have a lot of expensive cards and you need to draw a lot of cards, so both of these cards are very valuable. I wish I could slot in Rabbit's Foot for more card draw, but having only Peter Sylvestre as horror soak is dangerous. You can try this as a variant if you want, but I can't guarrantee the results.


By starting at 4 mental trauma, we play at the edge of the knife, so we need to be careful. Peter Sylvestre will usually provide you with all the horror soaking you 'll ever need, but we need more horror-soaking cards in the deck for a better chance at drawing them, thus the inclusion of Cherished Keepsake. For damage soak, Leather Coat will probably suffice at the early stages of the campaign, but don't delay to upgrade into Bulletproof Vest. That's a toy we 're gonna need.

Encounter protection

Ward of Protection can cancel the most annoying treacheries, but be careful when using it due to self-horroring. This is almost irrelevant if you have Peter Sylvestre on the table. Other than that, the high amount of provided by piling on mental trauma and Peter Sylvestre (2) will usually cover you for most -targeting treacheries. Additionally, Lucky! and Rise to the Occasion are good back-up cards. Early in the campaign, you can also use "Let me handle this!" to protect another teammate or just to draw a damaging treachery on you so that you empower yourself.

And... that's about it!! Thanks for reading and hope you liked the idea! Cheers!! :)