Daisy Walker, Feeds My Mind [Prototype]

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Dagorha · 461

This is my entry for the Mythos Busters Aurbits competition.

The centerpiece of the deck is the Feed the Mind + Knowledge is Power combo. Combined, they act as a stronger version of Cryptic Reaserch allowing you to draw a ton of cards for a low cost. What makes this deck powerful, however, is the ability to churn through your deck over and over again.

The basic plan is actually reminiscent of the Infinite Jenny deck posted on this site, but where that deck wants to combo off completely, this deck really only wants to churn through its deck once or twice a round.

Plan #1 - Draw Through Your Deck

The first goal is to quickly draw through your deck playing your assets. Many of your key assets also draw cards. Typically to go through your deck it can take around 3 or 4 rounds with agressive mulliganing for card draw. Take note, until you draw and play Daisy's Tote Bag only play 1 card that takes a hand slot. Preferably Old Book of Lore.

Once you are about to shuffle your deck, play Premonition and activate Knowledge is Power on Feed the Mind. Premonition will allow you to know how many cards you will draw and Eureka! and Perception can increase as needed as well as act as redraws. Dont be afraid to take extra horror, we can reliably heal 4+ horror per round but more on that later. Don't worry, Daisy can take it.

If all goes correctly and your Random Basic Weakness isnt too punishing, Your deck size aught to be down to about 10 cards or so after reshuffling and drawing. Your hand will hopefully have some number of Cryptic Research and/or Knowledge is Power to draw more.

Plan #2 - More Money

So once we can go through our deck reliably, we need ways to gain resources. We have 1 good method and 1 decent method. The good method relies on finding a Shroud 3+ location and using Working a Hunch to draw clues off of it and then playing Crack the Case to gain those resources and then some back.

The tricky part comes when we have established our loop, allowing us to get back Working a Hunch and Crack the Case over and over again. the real power behind this combo though, comes from another highly underrated card Quick Study. This card allows us to place a clue back on our location, allowing us to use Working a Hunch allowing us to use Crack the Case. This potentially nets you 8 to 12 resources per round (if my math is correct).

Plan #4 More Cards, More Problems

So Feed the Mind and drawing your deck will likely force you to accumulate horror at a rapid rate. Our main policy against that is Double Fearless and Alchemical Transmutation. Utilizing a very similar combo chain with Feed the Mind, Knowledge is Power gives us a fast Willpower test to gain horror. Dont forget to use a copy of Premonition!

Final Thoughts

Once the loop is established your number of potential actions increases expotentionally. Shortcut for Movement, Ward of Protection to fade a large portion of the encounter deck. Working a Hunch for clues and so on. There are other ways to go about this and i dont claim this is optimal. Merely this is my working prototype as a kind of prove of concept of sorts. Anyway, ill try to clear up any questions or ambiguity in the comments and future edits as i'm on a bit of a time crunch atm. Hope everyone enjoys!


Jul 23, 2019 Django · 3510

Interesting combo, it took a while for me to understand.

It's much easier to begin, than preston because yon don't need 25 assets in play and all the important combo pieces cost 0 ressouces.

On standard difficulty you'd draw 3 cards with Feed the Mind without any boosts, not sure that's enough. How many cards do you expect to draw on average? Wouldn't like St. Hubert's Key and Hawk-Eye Folding Camera help to draw more?

Why did you include Desperate Search? Doesn't more mean you'll draw more cards, taking more horror when exceeding your hand size? So you shouldn't draw when low on sanity? Maybe a second Perception instead?

Are you ware that Feed the Mind is not an investigation to trigger Enraptured? Altough you can stil investigate normally with daisy's 5 to trigger it.

Jul 24, 2019 Dagorha · 461

The average is about 3 but once you hit the sweet spot and cam go through your deck, Perception should allow you to increase it. A lot of this deck was shooting wide to kind of get an ide a of the possibilities. I've been working on a more combo oriented version and a more sensible. Time has been cruel lately.

Anyway, Desperate Search is probably too cute but I thought it would be a good inclusion in higher difficulties or late campaigns. You are likely to run into higher numbers then.

St. Hubert's Key and The Camera are options, although I was starting to become very conscious of slots and cost of assets which I think is still a bit of an issue with this deck. I also think once you run through your deck, you probably won't need it as you'll be able to draw your deck at least once per round.

Enraptured i admit is a slight oversight but it can still be useful. Maybe just not as useful as I initially want it to be lol.

Also keep in mind if you ever take too much horror you could always murder Mr. Rook or the Lab Assistants.