Tommy: The Rookie Adventurer (18 XP deck)

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matt88 · 1717

(Edit: The deck uses the Taboo List, I simply forgot to select it on the sidebar during deck creation.)

Hey guys! This is a Tommy Muldoon deck that I pulled together and wanted to share! The deck is very simple to run and it is very effective at both roles (both combat and clue gathering). The deck focuses on doing the basic combat stuff and being able to deal with big baddies effectively when they show up while accumulating resources in the process and allows you to help your team with clue gathering when there are no enemies around.

The deck is very simple to run. You just want your Meat Cleaver and your soaks down asap and you want to start chopping enemies. This way you will accumulate resources by putting horror on your assets and activating Tommy's ability, which will allow you to pay extensively for Keen Eye and a good Dynamite. Meanwhile you can gather clues using Flashlight, "Look what I found!" and boosts from Keen Eye. It's just that simple and it can be very effective.

Your soaks can give you a lot of resources. Be mindful when assigning damage and horror on them. Probably obvious, but you should try to assign as much damage and horror on them as you can before defeating them to maximize resource gain (it's important to state that because you rely almost solely on your assets for your economy). Cherished Keepsake, Leather Coat and Madame Labranche can offer a net gain of 2 resources and Brother Xavier can offer a net gain of 1 resource. That, on top of soaking and other effects. A small note on Madame Labranche: She's mostly there for additional soak and resource gain and she can also work as an additional target for your weakness, which is handy. Her ability can be useful at times, but it's not important.

Your spare actions should be spent on card draw. Cash is plentiful. Take Heart can help both with resources (not important) and with card draw (important) and it's mostly in the deck for the card draw. Best use of it is to throw it on something like Grasping Hands. Reliable boosts Meat Cleaver to desirable levels, making the self-horror thing not mandatory (for the boost) and Smoking Pipe is for a bit of horror management in case of emergencies. Enchanted Blade is only a backup weapon and Prepared for the Worst helps you find your Meat Cleaver faster. Blood Eclipse and Dynamite Blast are for the hard stuff and these, along with Meat Cleaver can detonate Bro X at will for big fireworks- ...aand KABOOM!!! (and everytinhg's dead... xD).

Another thing is that you don't really mind losing an asset to Rookie Mistake. All your assets mostly offer soak and money and losing an asset to your weakness, with few exceptions, only seems like a small sacrifice. Just be careful not to put damage and horror on too many assets at once. It's really just that simple.

And... that's about it! Hope you liked the deck and I wish you to have a lot of fun playing it! :)


Nov 15, 2019 nhojm · 14

This looks really fun, can't wait to try it!