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About the Cause

Im absolutely 100% behind @doovies efforts to raise awareness and funding for Australian fire fighters.

The below is a straight C&P of his post in his own words, taken from his wonderful site, Blog on the Alter


"Hi Investigators.

I haven't been able to play much the last quarter of 2019. My Arkham Collection is currently in my car, as part of my fire evacuation plan.

Many of you may be aware, many of you won't, but my country I call home is currently experiencing unprecedented fires all across the East of Australia. The worst this country has experienced. Many homes have been destroyed, many animals are now on the verge of being endangered and many Volunteer Fire Fighters have lost their lives.

And now the fear and danger is ever present for my friends and family.

The month of January I will be making a substantial donation to the RFS Rural Fire Service. On top of that, as a community, for every picture in a post on Facebook, Reddit, Discord, a comment below or private message of your games of Arkham with a Fire axe or Fire Extinguisher in play, I'll donate a further $5 and match the total amount dollar for dollar. Simply tag me in an image of your game and I'll put $5 in on your behalf."


If you wish to make your own donations I believe he is using this link:


About the Deck

Anyway, I wanted to do my bit to help so I thought i would offer a potential deck list for anyone looking to play Fire Axe in aid of Doovies.

Ive been working on some other projects recently so ive not had time to play test, refine and write a detailed guide as i usually do before posting. This is pretty much it in its rawest form, but for obvious reasons it made sense to just get it out there. Ive done what I can to make some concessions to theme without overly jeopordising the synergy within the deck. Thankfully, its remarkable how many survivor and guardian with appropriate names and themes synergise with oneanother mechanically.


Doing A Lot With Very Little

At the heart of the deck are some common Survivor low economy Fire Axe, Dark Horse, Madame Labranche combos. Plucky takes the place of Scrapper letting you dumb cash on demand and activate Dark Horse (note that you can boost a different stat than the one being tested purely to get down to zero cash for Dark Horse).

The rest of the deck has been kept to 0 or 1 cost cards letting you float a penny or two to play things. With Becky down, all those assets can be turned into ammo rather than taking the cash. Were this not a deck devoted to keeping Fire Axe in the zeitgeist, I wouldnt bother with the Bandolier. I would just have brought another Leather Coat and accepted that becky will push the axe out of play. You can ditch her and play the other axe if you run out of ammo.


Risking Yourself for Others

Solemn Vow lets you act as pseudo healer for the group moving damage onto Jessica Hyde, or horror onto Cherished Keepsakes and Madame Labranche potentially feeding ammo to becky as you do so, or "charging you up" for another big swing of fire axe. This also works for Plucky if you like. Its fast afterall and can be 'd back into your deck like all the others. Note that since Solemn Vow moves damage/health rather than causing you to "take" it, you dont need to assign it to Plucky unless you want to.


Acting Fast and Self Sacrifice

Tommy often struggles a little for spare actions to put assets into play, and at first glance the 18 assets listed may look a little burdened. However 5 of these are fast (vows and pluckys) and we have 2 Ever Vigilants speeding things up (as well as cheesing out 1 cost assets when out of cash). Once you disregard second copies of cards included for consistency, you're hopefully only taking 6 or 7 ish install actions in a game (again - just to say this is untested). Similarly Self-Sacrifice mainly offers a little off action draw. Just use it liberally for the draw if you dont get a chance to take some damage/horror for someone. If there was a fast card that just said pay zero draw 2 cards you`d take 2.


A Flexible Fire Fighter

Combat wise this isnt going to be a heavy damage dealing deck that caries the team as guardians are often treated. This is closer to a flexible slot healer deck with a moderate damage angle. For clues. you have 4 with Dark Horse down. The pips/boost on Take the Initiative, Ever Vigilant, Plucky or Live and Learn can take that to 6+ easily. Encounter checks are covered by Take the Initiative, Steadfast, Plucky and spare pips on Solemn Vow (note that even if you are not playing with a team of 4, you still want all 3 vows just to see one early. Use the rest as Guts).


Looking for More Firefighter Decks?

Check out these other contributers:

if youve got another deck to add to this list, pop it in the comments below and i`ll edit it onto the list.


Jan 17, 2020 Doovies · 413

Thank you Andy for showing your support behind this cause. Thank you for the links to the other deck builders and supporters and for this thematic deck.

Please if you're reading this, follow the link above and donate if you are feeling very generous. Alternatively, play this deck in one of your games or simply another Investigator with a Fire Axe, Fire Extinguisher or Trial by Fire in play. Share a post on Facebook, Discord, Reddit, etc and tag me (Jarrod Davies, Doovies, etc) and i'll donate $5 on your behalf to the RFS, $5 to the CFA and match the total amount of all contributors. Thank you Investigators.

Jan 18, 2020 Lord Triloth · 228

I totally support this action. Its very amazing that this even reaches arkhamdb.