Diana Stanley - Fighting against the Mythos deck

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This is a build for a three players blind run through standard Forgotten Age along her best girl-pals Rita Young and Ursula Downs. The deck focus on the support role, protecting other players from the Mythos deck, soaking damage and, when her Willpower is high enough, helping with clues and fighting.

So far in our campaign, Ursula has specialized in investigation and Rita has become amazing at managing monsters and eventually gathering clues. So, although this deck started as a variation of the popular build "Diana - Practicing Safe Hex" from @StartWithTheName, I changed it to include everything related to minimizing the impact of the encounters and soaking as much damage as possible, boosting Diana willpower in the processing for a powerful late game.

=== Deck Pros / Strength ===

Our team has been quite powerful so far. As long we can protect Ursula when we need clues, everything goes fine, so that is one of the main drivers for turning this into a more supportive build.

The deck has many tools to stop the nastier encounters from hurting or wasting time from Ursula and Rita:

Along with the other standards "counters" and damage soakers

=== Deck Cons / Weakness ===

The only issues I faced so far with this deck is a very slow start. It can become a problem in shorter scenarios or if you initial hand isn't good. So it is quite important to mulligan for the correct cards. If anything, read the in-depth guide made @StartWithTheName, which also explains many of the decisions behind this deck and how to properly take advantage of Diana unique ability.

=== Current at Heart of the Elder ===

Although I would agree that upgrading the asset spells (Wither, Sixth Sense) is usually the way to go, I found it was better for my group to update her support toolkit first. The spells are the next upgrade targets, along possible the very appealing Seal of the Seventh Sign. If you are playing two players or if you need Diana to be more a generalist than supporter, go with that route.

Because it was a blind run and I have heard Forgotten Age likes to throw trauma at you, I opted for not using Arcane Research, what also explains my lack of upgraded spells... ;(

=== Specific cards reasoning... ===


Although this card doesn't trigger Diana special ability, it has been amazing so far. The team is always very happy for reveal "The Stars Right". We like the card just for the positive psychological impact it has in the team. Dealing the encounters at the Mythos phase is always a tense and depressing moment, so when it turns out to be a good card it is a great surprise.

"Fool me once..."

I've just added "Fool me once...". It is a tricky card to use right and may not always work as desired, but it will add to the theme of the deck and reinforce the tools against encounters.