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Uncle George the Farmer · 6193

Hello Fellow investigators

Welcome to my structure deck series!


Since the game contains a large pool of cards and this might seem a bit confusing for newer players I decided to create some deck ideas of old investigators in the game. With the new product of starter decks coming on the way, it gave me a reason to create some decklists through every cycle.

I 'm going to give you an upgrade list for everyone through every cycle. Our last investigator from the core set is Daisy Walker and she is the VIP of multiplayer. You 'll soon find out that she's made for Investigating and not for Combat.

Let start with the show, shall we?

Daisy Pros and Cons

Let's mention her most important skill which is her of 5. You can investigate any low shroud without a problem especially if you have Dr. Milan Christopher who gives you +1 to your. You can boost it even more with Deduction and Arcane Studies making her the best character at finding clues.

She has a pretty good economy compared to other core investigators. Her main ability helps you playing your tome for free or even spend it for your weakness card. You have cards to search through your deck and you have cards that boost your resource income.

And since we mention it, The Necronomicon is not even that bad as a main weakness. How many times will you draw your Elder sign? You can either remove it in 3 rounds or 1 and that depends if you want your hand slot free to play another asset. You can even play Daisy's Tote Bag to diminish the problem since you want to play your tomes. I would say this weakness becomes more tricky when you move through cycles and you have access to other asset cards. There you 'll need your hand slots and maybe a problem when this card shows up.

Daisy's Tote Bag again I would prefer most of the time to use it for the skill tests rather than its actual ability.

Now let's talk about her two main weaknesses and these are her low and of 2. While combat skill is irrelevant in multiplayer you still need to fight some monsters in specific situations. This becomes difficult in solo since you are not a combat character and you have few options to defeat them which we will mention below. Now the most difficult part is our . Combined with your low Health (5) a specific treachery card can deal great damage or even kill you. Again we have a few options to deal with so we need to be very careful and prepared. Protect your Health with your allies (don't afraid to sacrifice them) and try to manipulate the encounter deck in order to avoid big enemies.


Before I mention each of the card choices I want to say why I didn't choose any Flashlight or Magnifying Glass. With your high which can be boosted with many cards like Dr. Milan Christopher, Arcane Studies, Daisy's Tote Bag skill icons, Deduction, Unexpected Courage there 's no need to deprive some card spots from other cards that can definitely help you in some hard situations.

Again Scrying is great for solo manipulating the encounter deck to our favor(avoid those nasty enemies) but becomes irrelevant in multiplayer games of 3-4 people. Swap it with a skill card like Guts or Manual Dexterity.

On to our cards!

The most important card in our deck is Old Book of Lore. We need it in our opening hand or at least have the Research Librarian do it for us if we are not in luck. It's a tome that interacts pretty well with Daisy's ability and it can search through your cards finding what's important for you at that specific time.

Another important card is Dr. Milan Christopher. Since Daisy is great at investigating it can quickly boost your resource income. His +1 make you even stronger. He 's expensive to play but he quickly pays your back.

Your skill cards and Arcane Studies are there to boost the main stats you 're using and . Getting resources from Dr. Milan Christopher and Emergency Cache makes Arcane Studies viable to play.

While you 're not a combat character there will be times that you will need to deal with enemies by your own and Knife is an important card to deal with low health monsters in solo/multiplayer (rats, ghouls) while your Shrivelling is for the strong ones.

Keep Ward of Protection for specific treachery cards(grasping hands, crypt chill, umordhoth's wrath). It's important to use it at the right time so try to avoid the other treacheries by testing them. Medical Texts is situational most of the time. Use it when you need it the most cause if one appears it will mess with your plan. Eventually, in the second scenario, you 'll have a better tome in your hands ( Encyclopedia ).

Mind over Matter is your backup plan. Use it to make an explosive turn to deal those 3 damages on the elite boss. It combos with Dr. Milan Christopher for a total of 6 .

Finally, do you really need Working a Hunch in your seeker deck? Well Yes! It is fast and adds mobility especially in the 2nd scenario where you need to be efficient. Take those clues from a high shroud location and use your actions to move on the next one. In comparison with Drawn to the Flame which you have access as Daisy costs you an action and even worse you 'll draw an unwanted enemy to deal with. Working a Hunch works better and if you don't want to use it for auto clue you can use the test icons with Mind over Matter to boost your intellect even more.

Upgrade Route

Two routes here, One for the solo and one for Multiplayer.

In Multiplayer focus getting Cryptic Research first and then Encyclopedia. Cryptic Research is great to help your teammates and it doesn't cost you an action.

In solo, your main focus is Encyclopedia and then it depends on how many victory points you got. I would go for Blinding Light instead of Cryptic Research since you are more vulnerable to monsters than in multiplayer. Finally, you can use your last xp to protect your health even more by swapping 1x Medical Texts with Bulletproof Vest.

2x Knife 2x Encyclopedia

2x Fearless in solo 2x Blinding Light

2x Manual Dexterity instead of Scrying on multiplayer 2x Cryptic Research

Magnifying Glass is a better version of the lvl 0 one. But still, it boosts you only for investigating where you are already pretty good at and not overall like Dr. Milan Christopher does. With Encyclopedia on the play it becomes even less relevant. It can have a use in Hard/ Expert games but then again Flashlight is more potent since it ensures success in low shroud locations on any chaos token except .


What can we say about our Librarian? She will be the Hero of your Multiplayer games. She will do all the investigating tests and don't be surprised if you see her dealing the last damage on the elite enemy with some crazy Mind over Matter play.

She has difficulties at solo, let's face it! But even that intrigues the veteran players to push her through a campaign. Overall if you want to be the star of your group choose Daisy. In the Dunwich cycle, you 'll get perhaps the strongest talent in the game and that will make Daisy a force to reckon with. I hope you like this guide and we'll continue with her Dunwich deck build.

To be continued..


Apr 08, 2020 finalattack · 1

Another great deck! I would make some variations, but none I feel very strongly about. I'm less incline to pick fearless, and medical text. I could be convinced more on working a hunch. Knives seem a bit out of place too, but in solo or duo they might be necessary evils ..

I've never played Daisy though, so all of this is completely unqualified...

Apr 08, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 6193

@finalattack hello my friend! Sure you can make any changes you feel like especially in multiplayer since your main focus is investigating. The core cards that are a must-have are Book of Lore, Milan and Arcane Studies. If you feel vulnerable at damage you can add Hyperawareness (swap Fearless) just for the agility test.