Farsight of the Minh

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MelinaPerez · 67

Deck built to try and leverage the use of the new card Farsight.

Minh shouldn't have too much problem filling her hand up to the required 8 cards with an Essence of the Dream, some A Glimmer of Hopes, and the Drawing Thin / Track Shoes combo.

Then, for your first 4 / 8 xp, once played, Farsight will allow you to play an Event at Fast speed during your turn.

One of the best cards to leverage here is Guidance. My Fast Event becomes anyone's anything Action. at my location.

Fast Clues are found with Burning the Midnight Oil (plus Cash), Seeking Answers, and Extensive Research (at 4-5 resources is excellent value when Fast).

It's worth mentioning, Scrounge for Supplies is now Fast speed recursion, normally of one of these workhorse Events, and Resourceful's main job is to recur Scrounge.

Some of these Events are really solid when upgraded (cough Seeking Answers), but do be aware the non-synergy with Scrounge for Supplies.