How often can you throw that Harpoon? (24 damage per round)

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Rawei10 · 35

How often can you throw that Harpoon?

Vicious Blow is supposed to be the previewed card Long Shot. In my opinion, Silas‘ Sea Change Harpoon is one of the best weapons in the game. With skills like Quick Thinking and a decent resource generation, you can replay the Harpoon for free. But how often can you really send the Harpoon back to your hand per round?

The resource cost

Considering we have enough actions to play the Harpoon three times per round, we need nine resources. To solve that problem we take the Hyperphysical Shotcaster with Matterweaver. Later on you will upgrade into Drawing Thin which can sometimes also pay for the Harpoon.

The action cost

To throw the Harpoon three times per round, you also need three more actions. Quick Thinking gives you one action, Resourceful recurs At a Crossroads, which discards the cards drawn by Unrelenting for two more additional actions.

The total damage output

with three successful Harpoon attacks, one successful Hyperphysical Shotcaster attack and two Makeshift Trap, you can do up to 24 damage in one round. Without throwing away long shot, that will be 22 damage. If you don‘t want to be killed by Makeshift Trap, use Predator or Prey to get away.

Other combos

Scavenging can recur your Hyperphysical Shotcaster. Backpack, Salvage, Scrounge for Supplies, Resourceful, Short Supply and some draw with At a Crossroads, Predator or Prey and Unrelenting almost guarantee you to see the Sea Change Harpoon the first few turns. Plucky can be recurred by Resourceful for infinite soak.

Level zero

At level zero, you will take In the Thick of It to upgrade the Hyperphysical Shotcaster with Matterweaver and one box in Telescanner. With Refine you can get the second box of Telescanner to scavenge the hyperphysical shotcaster in the first scenario.


Sep 22, 2023 DaveSea · 94

Fun list! I think you mean Matterweaver for the Shotcaster, not Realitycollapser.

Sep 23, 2023 Rawei10 · 35

Thanks, I corrected it.