Kate's favorit Chemestry Set for kids!

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SikoSC · 149

Let's experiment

POV: You are Marie Curie


Oh investigators, we are returning to our childhood with Kate!


Hello everyone! Prepare your test tubes, put on your gloves and equip yourself with your best tools, we are going to find all the clues of the game!

Table of Contents
  • Overview

  • Main Strategy

  • Upgrade Path

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Enemy Management: ★★☆☆☆
Clue-getting: ★★★★★
Encounter protection: ★★☆☆☆
Survivability: ★★★☆☆
Economy: ★★★★☆
Card Drawing: ★★★★★

Main Strategy

Upgrade path
 Cost  Total
Core Upgrades 0 XP
   Microscope    Microscope •••• 4 XP 4 XP
   Microscope    Microscope •••• 4 XP 8 XP
    +  Charisma ••• 3 XP 11 XP
   Deduction    Deduction •• 2 XP 13 XP
   Deduction    Deduction •• 2 XP 15 XP
Consistency Upgrades 15 XP
    +  Higher Education ••• 3 XP 18 XP
    +  ☑ Mending Distillate 1 XP 19 XP
    +  ☑ Calming Distillate 1 XP 20 XP
    +  Studious ••• 3 XP 23 XP
    +  Studious ••• 3 XP 26 XP
    +  ☑ Quickening Distillate 1 XP 27 XP
    +  ☑☑ Refined 2 XP 29 XP
Luxury Upgrades 29 XP
    +  ☑☑☑☑☑ Perfected 5 XP 34 XP
   Perception    Perception •• 2 XP 36 XP
   Perception    Perception •• 2 XP 38 XP

Good luck & have fun!

I hope you enjoy this deck! Let me know if you give it a try with a comment bellow ^^


Jul 01, 2024 Valentin1331 · 60768

Nice! Chemistry Set is the way I enjoyed Kate Winthrop the most, but I'm super surprised you didn't use Steady-Handed and Fine Tuning to get more Steady-Handed and more Chemistry Set!

I love your image and, more importantly, your capacity to keep the whole thing short! I wish I had your summarising skills ahah

Jul 03, 2024 infinitycubed · 1

I like this build! Just wondering, I could be blind, but what are we doing with the "In the Thick of it" XP? Is it just to get to the first Microscope upgrade faster? Thanks!

Jul 03, 2024 SikoSC · 149

@Valentin1331 thank you very much! Since I usually play with 2-3 more friends it's likely to have a lot of enemies in play, so filling the Microscope is quite easy. BUT! it's so true that Steady-Handed can help you in games where you are going to use more your Chemistry Set (in that case I would also add Fine Tuning)!

@infinitycubed ooooh you are so right! I totally forgot I was using In the Thick of It, I think I would take a Charisma in case in game 1 we need both Dr. Milan Christopher and Laboratory Assistant :D

Jul 04, 2024 Django · 4973

I tried Chemistry Set but i missed most of the time with uneven results.

Then I switched to clue drop and having a blast! Kate's weakness now helps you because it clears clues from your science/ tools assets, puts a bunch of evidence on Research Notes (which are also science) and triggers Press Pass.

Jul 04, 2024 SikoSC · 149

@Django hmmm I think Kate's weakness doesn't trigger Research Notes since weakness are considered Encounter Cards once you draw then