The Lead Investigator 2019

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NSKory · 160

Derived from the original version of The Lead Investigator.

This deck plays with Roland Banks's affinity for clues on locations by making great use of cards like Dr. William T. Maleson and Vantage Point to help move clues around, which activates Inquiring Mind and Preposterous Sketches, not to mention Roland's Elder Sign and Roland's .38 Special. Then, after you've done what you need to, you can grab those clues back up with Scene of the Crime, after killing an enemy, or with a cheeky Art Student.

This is the deck I brought solo through Path to Carcosa and it performed really well. Good upgrades include Charisma, Stick to the Plan, and Police Badge, upgrading Vicious Blow, plus Pathfinder and .45 Automatic, and maybe even Mano a Mano for quick, low-health enemy removal. I tend to avoid big guns with this deck, as it instead focuses on mobility and investigation.


Jan 24, 2019 MOTUX · 4215

Good stuff, I'd put in 2x Laboratory Assistant instead of Preposterous Sketches and Logical Reasoning; she works well with Calling in Favors which you're already using, and provides card draw and horror soak in one card (unless Frozen in Fear is a concern of course!)

Jan 24, 2019 NSKory · 160

Yeah, could easily be modified to fit Lab Assistant, that's a great call!