Cost: 1. XP: 5.
Test Icons:

Shuffle any number of non-weakness cards from your hand into your deck. Draw cards until you reach your maximum hand-size. Remove Glimpse the Unthinkable from the game.

Brian Valenzuela
Before the Black Throne #318.
Glimpse the Unthinkable

I was really excited when i first saw this card because i like drawing cards. However i think the disadvantages outweigh it's usefulness:

  • Costs an action, 1 ressource, needs to be drawn and costs 5 XP
  • To get the most benefit, your hand should be empty besides this card
    • Otherweise you might redraw cards you just shuffled into your deck
  • Drawing any amount of cards through an effect happens simultainously, so weaknesses count against your hand limit while this card resolves



  • Playing this with Ancient Stone in play, you can choose how much damage to do, though playing this card provokes an OA
  • Increasing your hand size like Laboratory Assistant also draws you more cards
Django · 2383
Are you thinking that you have to shuffle a card in to draw one? That doesn't seem right to me. The two effects are unrelated, there's no "then" or anything connecting them, so if you have 0 cards in hand after playing Glimpse the Unthinkable then you can draw up to your maximum hand size without having to give anything up. Or am I confused? — bee123 · 16
I agree with you, bee123. "Shuffle any number of non-weakness cards from your hand into your deck." That number can be zero. — Soemann · 1
@bee123 is correct, you can play this as the last card in your hand and you will then draw eight cards. Your maximum hand size is defined by the game rules (usually it's 8), not the number of cards you had in hand when you cast this. — SGPrometheus · 189
It's unfortunate that there are some factual errors with this review due to misunderstanding how it works, as I mostly agree that there are much better options for card draw — Ildirin · 1
Actually you're right, i misunderstood the card. I'll correct it in a few days. — Django · 2383

I want to like this card, but I just can't bring myself to do it.

I think this card would be really good in just about any other faction, but seekers have so much access to both filtered and unfiltered card draw that I can never justify spending XP on this.

I know that theoretically this could give you up to 8 cards(10 with the Laboratory Assistant), but I can't say I commonly find myself in that situation and the various draw 3 cards(Preposterous Sketches, Cryptic Research) will probably end up being nearly as efficient.

The only caveat I can come up with is drawing Amnesia as a basic weakness or possibly Minh as she tends to be committing lots of cards, then I might more seriously consider this.

If we get more research cards that trigger during a search and can be placed back into your deck, like Mandy's Occult Evidence, this may be a card that finds a home in her deck, though the risk of just drawing them back into your hand may not be worth it.

If we get another seeker that eats through cards like crazy, this may find a home, but only the future will tell on that.

As a final note, I wish you set aside any number of non-weakness cards from your hand, drew up to your hand size, then shuffled the set aside cards into your deck. Then this card would get some serious consideration from me.

Ildirin · 1

This card will be insane with the Harvey, I'm not sure how big his hand size finally be but the potential is there for this card to finally shine. Specially if there are more cards that trigger upon being drawn.