Spirit. Bold.

Cost: 0. XP: 2.
Test Icons:

Play only as your first action.

Deal 2 damage to an enemy engaged with you. This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

Mauro Dal Bo
Nathaniel Cho #25.
Mano a Mano

The usually prudish Sister bared her chest and pounded the Brotherhood Cultist as though the fate of the universe depended on it. Tag-teaming the cultist was the Huntress of Bast, trying to find an opening to impale the cultist with her arrowhead. A few frenetic, breathless moments later, Nephthys thrust in her fearsome weapon and sent the cultist straight to heaven.

The cultist's screams was soon joined by another as Rex splashed his juice all over an Acolyte next door.

suika · 9216
I didn't expect the words 'fisted' and 'penetrate' on this site. Especially not with Sister Mary. — PowLee · 20

Ironically, most interesting for Carolyn Fern, as a 0-cost way to permanently and efficiently deal with smaller enemies spawning atop you (potentially even combining it with Beat Cop or other testless damage to handle 3-health enemies), as she typically doesn't have many enemy management options (especially not so cheap and guaranteed). Theoretically very useful if you want the deck to have more independence from other investigators, or if there's no enemy fighter on the team (e.g. playing solo).

Plus, you know, it's amusing. Who needs orderlies now?

(And definitely a useful card if going for a gimmick build with Meat Cleaver.)

anaphysik · 93
Carolyn Fern and her magic meat cleaver is not a gimmick, you take that back :-P — NarkasisBroon · 10

You might not guess it, but the card with the people bareknuckle boxing is super good with the boxer. The joy of this card is that it’s a natural upgrade from Mano(1), and you can earn it by killing victory point monsters that other classes simply can’t do enough damage to.

Three damage guaranteed is enough to build a deck around. Have your allies take Stargazing, take First Watch or On the Hunt...Use "Get over here!" during enemy, upkeep, or mythos. You’re already playing Nathan to punch the crap out of horrid monsters. Make it easier, and recur it with your elder sign. You’ll appreciate cheap damage in guardian.

MrGoldbee · 1384

This is pretty much only viable in a Nathaniel Cho deck. In that setting though, its pretty good. 3 testless damage is enough to kill roughly 80% of the enemies in arkham horror.

The downsides to it are it has to be the first thing you do in a turn. This means no upgraded taunting enemies over to you first. It must be the very first thing you do.

There are ways around that, namely On The Hunt. A deck then is already starting to form.

drjones87 · 155
This is not true. There is aplayer window between 2.2 and 2.2.1. Any version of Taunt can be played then, and "Mano a Mano" still after that, because no action has yet been spent. — Susumu · 326
Other than for instance "Riot Whistle", because this counts as an action. — Susumu · 326
I strongly disagree abouth the Nathaniel exclusivity. While 3 testless damage is better than 2 testless damage, 2 testless damage is still hell of a thing! — Trady · 159
I agree. Why would Yorick not benefit from this? An event with a cost of 0 and with a chance to return this card to your hand at a later point… — tenzion · 7