Gunner Yorick

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matt88 · 542

Hey guys! This is a deck idea I had about William Yorick that showcases the newish Act of Desperation card from The Circle Undone which works incredibly well with William Yorick. The idea is to use the .45 Automatic as Yorick's main weapon and supplement it with other cards that support it and fulfill the deck's combat role. But let's see the core upgrades before we talk further about the deck:

  1. 2x Knife --> 2x Extra Ammunition

  2. 2x Unexpected Courage --> 2x Cornered

  3. 2x .45 Automatic -> 2x .45 Automatic (2)

  4. Charisma

  5. 2x Leather Coat --> 2x Aquinnah (3)

  6. 1x Resourceful, 1x Live and Learn --> 2x Ace of Swords

So, as we said, the idea is to use the Automatic as Yorick's main weapon for the whole scenario, while having other cards that support it and work well with Yorick's ability to tank enemies. Our primary tools to keep the Automatic loaded throughout the scenario are Extra Ammunition and Act of Desperation. Extra Ammunition's usage is pretty straightforward: 3 more bullets for the gun; simple as that. Act of Desperation basically does the same, only better. When used with an (almost) empty Automatic you have in play, not only it gives you a tremendous boost for one attack, but, if you succeed and kill the enemy, which is almost certain it will happen if you 're attacking an enemy with 2 health left (barring in most circumstances), in conjunction with William Yorick's special ability, it can refill the Automatic for free. Live and Learn is there as a back-up in case you draw an during that critical test.

Other cards that support the Automatic indirectly are Survival Knife, Guard Dog and Aquinnah (3). Every time you make use of the abilities on one of those cards, it's effectively like saving a bullet. Well, it's not exactly like that to be honest, these abilities actually provide more, useful effects, such as saving actions and negating and redirecting damage, but they also help William Yorick fulfill the role of a tanky Machete-less fighter.

Having the upgraded .45 Automatic and Survival Knife, you will be regularly attacking at 6 and Ace of Swords can boost that to 7 and having Cornered as back-up will make you pass even the most difficult tests, making you a very capable fighter even in the most dire circumstances. Cornered is an auto-include for me in William Yorick, its value been established in reviews and other Yorick decks, so I'm not going to talk about that any further. Same goes for Leather Coat and Cherished Keepsake.

The rest of the deck is all about utility. Emergency Cache to have cash, in order be able to afford to play and re-play your assets, Take Heart for "resources", Resourceful to recur any of the non-asset cards (Act of Desperation being the MVP), Prepared for the Worst to get your weapons fast and Live and Learn, as we already said, as a failsafe during Act of Desperation action (or just to reroll a test).

Not much to go for further upgrades, it's mostly upgrading already existing cards in the deck:

Emergency Cache --> Emergency Cache (2)

Lucky! --> Lucky! (2)

Vicious Blow --> Vicious Blow (2)

Since this deck is not very XP-hungry and teams that include William Yorick usually earn a fair share of XP because of Bury Them Deep, you might be floating some XP late-campaign, which makes it a good idea to be grabbing some exile cards throughout the course of the campaign. If you do, Flare seems like a good idea, as it is a good way to cheaply find and play Aquinnah, or serve as a back-up fighting solution in case things go wrong. A Test of Will is also another good option, especially if you 're playing in Dunwich.

And... that's about it! Hope you liked the deck!! :)


Feb 25, 2019 FractalMind · 11

Cool deck man! I might have to give it a go. Thanks for posting!

Feb 25, 2019 matt88 · 542

No problem!! :)