Never Pull A Chaos Token

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brerlapine · 23

"Screw the rules, I have money." (Yugioh Abridged). Let's try to make a deck that never pulls chaos tokens.

That is Gravedigger's Shovel and Lantern comes in.

This deck gave me the starting point: @ArkhamDio

On further testing, Sleight of Hand is not worth the spot.


How and why would Joey "The Rat" Vigil be better than the AMAZING Leo De Luca? You would have to use his ability more than once a turn to equate the additional action and the extra resource costs. This deck takes that to an extreme.


Most items are to be discarded for there special ability. Everyone spends experience on Streetwise first. Hopefully, this card or Well Connected will proc your Scavenging.


The viable item upgrade options are The Skeleton Key, Lucky Dice, and The Gold Pocket Watch and of course the broke Key of Ys (is it actually worth it in this deck LOL).

Best upgrades for Preston Fairmont are Lola Santiago, High Roller to get the funds off Family Inheritance without the action, Charisma, A Test of Will, Stroke of Luck and of course another charisma and Leo.

Best upgrades in general: Charon's Obol, Ace in the Hole, either Hot Streak, and Sure Gamble


Feb 28, 2019 Fishiste · 2

Sleight of Hand doesn’t work well with thermos as you have to exhaust the Thermos to use it. Also, you still have to pay the cost of items when you play them with the rat, the one more resource being here to pay for the free action. So not that good but probably more useful than Leo in this deck.

Mar 01, 2019 brerlapine · 23

@Fishiste Thanks! I corrected those and more mistakes I had made.