Preston's College Admission Scandal: Buying Clues

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skyleejane · 15

Trying to figure out how to best incorporate Preston into our The Circle Undone campaign with Joe Diamond (Bob) and Rita Young (Nat). Started with a non-Dark Horse build inspired by The Man From Leng. Preston had a ton of resources the first go around (20+), but (as I predicted) the moment Streetwise was added he became very poor very quickly. Fighting is very expensive, too! I equipped a Baseball Bat because Preston needs every opportunity for dealing an additional damage, and he was never poor enough for Fire Axe to be effective. Evading is cheaper than fighting, and the deck already contains cards (like Cunning Distraction and Elusive) to auto-evade. SO... I need to find ways to maximize Preston's Family Inheritance for better INVESTIGATING and FIGHTING.

After the second TCU scenario I have 8XP to spend. I am going to use the XP to first focus on Preson's investigating abilities. Like the Fairmonts before him, however, Preston is going to try and buy his way out of investigative jams.

I got rid of the cards that gave boosts based on resources (like Money Talks and Well Connected) and sub'd them out for the new card Intel Report to buy either an additional clue or get one from another location. I also added Charisma and spent 3XP to get one Lola Santiago to buy more clues. Keeping Lone Wolf in there because investigating (or buying clues) is hard on poor Preston and he needs all the resources he can get. Also keeping two Leo De Lucas because that extra action makes Preston feel very rich indeed.

I am curious about how the added cards will work out with Streetwise, which already costs Preston his entire four-resource Family Inheritance to get a +6 intellect boost. Those four resources could be spent on TWO guaranteed clues using Intel Report, or to get ONE clue at a high shroud location up to two locations away. OR if Lola Santiago is in play, then those resources can get a guaranteed clue at (up to) a 4-shroud location (5-shroud if Lone Wolf is in play).

AFTER THIS NEXT SCENARIO: I would like to try and boost Preston's fighting abilities. Cards I like are: Timeworn Brand (to sub a Baseball Bat) (5XP!!!); and Coup de GrĂ¢ce. Lower priority (due to potentially two allies): swap Leather Coat for a Bulletproof Vest; swap Cherished Keepsake for Elder Sign Amulet Both of these upgrades cost 3XP.

UPGRADES TO KEEP IN MIND: Dig Deep (2XP); Hard Knocks (2XP) (for additional skill icons); Leo De Luca (1XP) (5 resources to play instead of 6); Lucky! (2XP) (to be able to draw a card).

OTHER CARDS TO KEEP IN MIND: (for additional investigating) consider swapping Take Heart for "Look what I found!" (0XP). Also The Skeleton Key to use with Lola, in case it feels like that Preston was able to buy his way into college but is only eating ramen.


Apr 18, 2019 Magnificate · 723

That's one of the best deck titles I've seen to date. Kudos!