Thug Yorick destroys everything (29 XP deck)

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This is a heavy combat-focused William Yorick deck that revolves around using high resource generation and card draw in order to find and pay for expensive assets repeatedly.

The deck is built around two main engines: 1) The Drawing Thin + Rabbit's Foot engine and 2) The weapon recursion engine.

Engine (1) is about getting Drawing Thin and Rabbit's Foot on the table as soon as possible and using your spare actions to investigate with purpose of failing intentionally in order to get the benefits of Drawing Thin and Rabbit's Foot so that you can increase your income, as well as dig for other tools. Take Heart also works incredibly well in this engine.

Engine (2) is about emptying your guns on unlucky mobsters and replaying them from your discard pile using Yorick's ability (because this is where they will end up). Your high resource generation makes you capable of paying for your weapons multiple times throughout the course of the scenario. Act of Desperation also really helps with that and it can be your true friend early in the game before any weapons have been discarded yet.

The weapons

My choice of weapons for this deck are .45 Thompson and Old Hunting Rifle. Both of these weapons require build-around in my opinion and you can't just throw them in any deck.

  • The .45 Thompson: .45 Thompson is an expensive asset that requires both hand-slots, but in return it gives a good boost when you 're attacking and has a lot of ammo. There are 2 reasons i'm using this card in this deck: First, I'm not using my handslots for anything else and secondly, I have the economy to afford it.

  • The Old Hunting Rifle: Old Hunting Rifle also requires both hand slots (which I can spare, again), but it also requires more support. I chose this weapon, because I want a heavy destruction tool for those tough enemies and big bosses and I care little about its low number of ammo, because I can easily recur it because it's cheap. I also have a lot of cards to support it, about which I'm going to talk in the next section (see below).

Generally speaking, since .45 Thompson is more flexible than Old Hunting Rifle, it will usually be your early game weapon, so you should aim to play this instead of Old Hunting Rifle early on. Old Hunting Rifle needs more support and you might be missing the support cards early in the game, so you 're better off with .45 Thompson early, despite it's more expensive. Drawing Thin and Take Heart can make up for this expensive investment. Additionally, Old Hunting Rifle will be better later on, as stronger enemies generally appear later in the scenario.

Jamming Support

The deck includes a whole set of cards that are multi-purpose and can help you specifically when Old Hunting Rifle jams. These cards are Act of Desperation, Live and Learn, Oops!, Flare and Stunning Blow. How these cards help:

Live and Learn will reroll the token if a or was revealed during the attack, allowing you to still hit the enemy despite the Rifle is jammed.

Oops! will guarantee a hit against a 3-or-lower-fight enemy when the Rifle jams and it allows you to freely attack enemies enganged with your friends while you have it in your hand because it cancels friendly fire.

Stunning Blow will help you evade the enemy so that you can unjam the Rifle without taking an attack of opportunity.

Flare is a good way to clear low-hp enemies, without having to unjam the Rifle before attacking again.

Act of Desperation is another way to deal with small enemies if you got unlucky. Specifically, not only it will kill the enemy, but it will also unjam the Rifle for free. Best saved for long-term recursion though.

Of the cards mentioned above, Live and Learn and Oops! have to be there beforehand. Act of Desperation, Flare and Stunning Blow, on the other hand, don't have to. That means that if your Rifle jams and you don't have a support card in your hand, you can dig for one of those cards with Rabbit's Foot after the attack fails in order to save the day. Also note that, in a pinch, Scrapper can help you evade an enemy if you 're missing or can't find other tools.

General Utility

The deck, of course, contains more cards to support this heavy combat style, as well as tools to defend from enemies and bad treacheries:

Beat Cop boosts your and gives you actionless auto-damage, which can save you actions and ammo. The boost may also allow you to proc Drawing Thin during an attack sometimes without failing. Venturer offers soak and more ammo for your guns (especially Old Hunting Rifle). Both Beat Cop and Venturer are good to recur, especially Beat Cop, because his effect has high impact in this deck. With Cornered, you can just discard your assets for skill boosts and play them directly from your discard, Prepared for the Worst can get you your weapons faster and Leather Coat and Something Worth Fighting For are for more soak. Something Worth Fighting For is basically a janky sabtitute of Cherished Keepsake, which I cannot run because it conflicts with Rabbit's Foot. Its increased cost, though, should not be a problem as the high resource generation makes up for it. Flare mainly exists as a jamming support card, but it can also find you one of your allies if you really need them.

Rabbit's Foot is one of the most important cards in the deck. It is the card that will get you all the other cards you need. When combined with Drawing Thin it can help you dig into a lot of cards and find the cards that fit in the situation best. It can find your other weapons (assuming you already have one). Your allies. Your jamming support cards. Your second Drawing Thin, which will make you truly unstoppable. It can find you everything!


The deck is solid as it is, but you can make some changes if you find it appropriate: