The Circle Undone Blind Run #3: The Secret Name

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Derived from
The Circle Undone Blind Run #2: At Death's Doorstep 8 1 0 1.0
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The Circle Undone Blind Run #4: The Wages of Sin 5 0 0 1.0

Magnificate · 664

The Secret Name

This expansion gave us access to one of the best Rogue cards in awhile. Jenny takes Intel Report with no hesitation. She even has an excellent in-game reason to do so as Intel Report can represent her newly established connection with the Lodge. Although, why Intel Report instead of Intelligence Report? Was that contraction common in the 20s? I'm not so sure.

Jenny decides to tell the Lodge about the coven and begins with extra in the chaos bag.

Pre-Mulligan Hand: "I'm outta here!", Physical Training, Lockpicks, Cat Burglar, Cat Burglar

Opening Hand: Physical Training, Lockpicks, Physical Training, Elusive, Jenny's Twin .45s


  • PLAY Physical Training
  • PLAY Lockpicks
    • We need four clues to advance the first Alone, so Lockpicks are going to be very convenient.
  • INVESTIGATE with Lockpicks (, 2 supplies left, × Moldy Halls)
    • Turns out yesterday's round against the punching bag left Jenny's hands rougher and less sensitive. She flexes her fingers and steadies her breath.
  • Upkeep: draw Emergency Cache, 2 resources total.





Jenny’s Board State: 7 health, 5 sanity, 2 resources, 0 clues

In Play: Leo De Luca (1 damage & 1 horror), Switchblade, Black Book, Physical Training

In Hand: Elusive, "I'm outta here!", Lone Wolf, Cat Burglar, Overpower

Threat: Disquieting Dreams, Pulled by the Stars






Jenny’s Board State: 6 health, 5 sanity, 4 resources, 0 clues

In Play: Leo De Luca (1 damage & 1 horror), Switchblade, Black Book, Physical Training, Lone Wolf

In Hand: -

Threat: Disquieting Dreams, Fate of All Fools, 2x Pulled by the Stars, Evil Past


  • Mythos: 3/8 doom, Diabolic Voices (-4, 3 damage & 2 horror)
    • Jenny's ears are bleeding! She's in no condition to go after Searching for Izzie. It's three locations away and if she left Nahab would accrue doom. Goddamit, that Elusive I commited last turn would've been perfect.
  • Lone Wolf
  • EVADE (+3 , -3, exhaust Nahab)
    • On second thought, I could reduce Nahab's doom to one, get more clues in advance, confirm that Izzie is not in the City of Elder Things and then go back and win scenario. We'll see whether the encounter lets me do that.
  • Pulled by the Stars (discard)
  • Pulled by the Stars (discard)
  • INVESTIGATE (+3 , , 1 clue from Site of the Sacrifice)
  • × Disquieting Dreams
  • Enemy: Nahab readies (2 doom total)
  • Upkeep: draw Emergency Cache, 3 resources total.


The difficulty is ramping up. The Secret Name was more demanding than the previous scenarios, especially in terms of investigation actions required. I like how this campaign provides slightly different challenges for solo investigators and teams. I also appreciate that with The Secret Name the story is becoming more coherent. We keep accumulating trinkets, but we don’t know their function yet. I wonder if there will be more to them than serving as checkboxes in the campaign log. Could it be that the designers were discouraged by the reception of supplies in the last campaign and made sure that in this one the mementos are as simple as possible? All in all, a solid expansion with some excellent player cards added to the pool.

Campaign Log:

Disappearance at the Twilight Estate: Valentino disappeared into the mist. 4 pieces of evidence were left behind.

The Witching Hour: Jenny has rejected her fate. The witches’ spell was broken. Mementos: Mesmerizing Flute & Ritual Components. 8 XP (Anette Mason, Cairn Stones, Child's Tree House, Tainted Well, Hermit's House, Delve Too Deep, 1 bonus XP).

At Death's Doorstep: Jenny is on Valentino’s trail. Jenny escaped the spectral realm. Jenny rescued Joseph. Jenny is a member of the Lodge. 5 XP (Office, Delve Too Deep, 2 bonus XP).

The Secret Name: Jenny told the Lodge about the coven. Mementos: Gilman’s Journal, Keziah ’s Formulae & Worn Crucifix. 4 XP (City of Elder Things, Twilight Abyss, 2 bonus XP), 1 Mental Trauma.


May 09, 2019 zangetsuu · 2


Nice job on this scenario. I just don't understand how you managed to get rid of the swarm of rats at the end? Because the action on rite of sacrifice trigger an attack of opportunity by everything that is not Nahab.

May 11, 2019 Magnificate · 664

I think it's a or a misplay or mistake in the log. At this point it would make more sense for me to evade the rats and tank the hit from Nahab, instead of doing it the other way around.

I'll modify the log accordingly, better that than replaying the latter scenarios.