You don't get rich by spending money

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OtterConspiracy · 34

This is standard a fairly standard Preston deck that wants to sit on a big pile of money to help you pass tests. This deck is pig through the Circle undone with Marie Lambeau and Diana Stanley

The most important card in this deck is Leo De Luca as he gives you an extra action to take money off Family Inheritance. To help you make money you want to fail tests using Drawing Thin , Rabbit's Foot and Take Heart, ideally in the mythos phase, to draw cards and building up a large amount of cash on the Family Inheritance.

Once you have a large pile of money you want to use Cunning, Money Talks and Well Connected to pass test. You can also grab a respectable number of clues using a combination of Intel Report, Flashlight, and "Look what I found!". While fighting's not a strength Preston can pitch in using Fire Axe but I'm really relying on my mystic team mates to Shrivel everything away.

Finally I've got a few emergency button in the form of Rise to the Occasionand "Let me handle this!" for when you need to pass (or palm off) a treachery test.