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Uncle George the Farmer · 14312

Hello Fellow investigators

Welcome to my structure deck series!


We finished with the core set and we decided to buy the whole Dunwich Cycle to feel the Arkham experience. We 'll discuss the new cards we added in our deck and which upgrade choices we take in solo and multiplayer.

I will focus on 19 XP upgrade routes since this is pretty much average in my Dunwich runs. I will also create decks of the Dunwich investigators and I will upgrade everyone setting as the final cycle The Forgotten Age. In the Circle Undone, Taboo List was introduced and I think you will already know the advantages/disadvantages of your favorite investigator in order to create your unique deck.

Let start with the show, shall we?


The core body still remains. In multiplayer swap 2x Scrying with 2x Art Student. Free clue, a cheap body to protect your low health and you can toss her right away when Dr. Milan Christopher comes into play since she had fulfilled her purpose.

Cards like Dr. William T. Maleson and Alyssa Graham are good addition to Daisy Walker. But they can't beat Dr. Milan Christopher in the ally spot plus we don't play Charisma in this version.

Inquiring Mind most of the time is a viable card with 3 icons. Shortcut gave Daisy the speed she wanted to move fast around locations and pick up the clues. Also is quite useful in multiplayer especially if you have finished with a location and you want to move together as a group to another location but your mate already finished his turn. Even if Daisy is alone in a location and she draws an enemy you can move to your buddies and let them engage it for you.

Delve Too Deep as I explained in Agnes Deck helps you and your allies have access earlier to those High XP cards you want in the late scenarios. Play it when you are fully prepared or when you are at the end of a scenario and you want to grab one extra XP.

Upgrade Route

There is one main Route you will follow and an honorable mention for solo. Although in both your core card is Higher Education.

What can we say about Higher Education? Unlike the other permanent upgrades that came with Dunwich Cycle, this is by far the best one. The 5 card requirement is not even a problem for Daisy since you 'll find yourself struggling with the 8 card limit most of the time.

1x Higher Education

Since you have Higher Education toss Arcane Studies for 1x Pathfinder to add more speed and movement to Daisy.

2x Scrying/ Art Student Encyclopedia.

These are your priorities.

2x Delve Too Deep 2x Cryptic Research

You can add 1x Song of the Dead to deal with the low health monsters avoiding spending a charge from Shrivelling and saving actions from your fighter teammate(engage,fight).

Considering your XP left you can upgrade Lvl 0 cards to their better versions.

Deduction Deduction

Fearless Fearless

Our Honorable mention is Acidic Daisy: Use this upgrade route in Solo where fighting monsters is inevitable. You will need Strange Solution to succeed and then have the XP to buy Strange Solution. While it can be good for solo in multiplayer you cant beat Lightning Gun or Shrivelling. Your role will be exclusively to gather clues and help your teammates by boosting them with Encyclopedia and Cryptic Research.

The core build still remains the same:

1x Higher Education

1x Pathfinder

2x Encyclopedia

2x Strange Solution Strange Solution.

Swap 2x Delve Too Deep with 2x Strange Solution in the beginning of your campaign.


The role of Daisy in Dunwich Legacy becomes more straightforward. You 're a clue gatherer and the second strongest for now(Yeah a reporter is around the corner...). Higher Education being a strong tool in your hands really accelerates your gameplay. The only thing you need to be careful about is your hand size. Overall as we mention in our Core Set overview you will enjoy her more in Multiplayer than solo.

I hope you liked this guide and we will move onto the Dunwich investigators. We 'll discuss their pros and cons, their unique 5-card option from all factions and what criteria you should have in order to choose correctly. Let's continue this Journey by expanding our Investigator options and upgrade them to the next cycle of The Path to Carcosa.

To be continued..


Apr 17, 2020 13rock · 1

hi, why there is not 2x Strange Solution in the deck?

Apr 17, 2020 Uncle George the Farmer · 14312

@13rock hello my friend! As I mention in the upgrade route, I use them only if I go for acidic ichor. If you follow this path swap delve too deep with strange solution. Cheers!

Jan 11, 2021 Nerdwreck · 1

In the upgrade path, do you mean Research Librarian instead of Art Student?

Jan 25, 2021 Joshck · 1

@Nerdwreck They said if you are playing multiplayer you swap the scrying with art students, that's saying that whatever that spot is you swap it with encyclopedia.

Jan 25, 2021 Nerdwreck · 1

My bad. I missed that. Thanks for the clarification.