Ursula Downs vs Forgotten Age

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hotharn · 23

A starter deck for a Forgotten Age campaign.

Starting comments: As this is the beginning of the campaign, this deck is built with the future in mind. Shrewd Analysis is in place to ensure experience maximization and will take advantage of Strange Solution and Archaic Glyphs with Ancient Stone soon to come. All 3 of these have great upgrades available so it is worth the randomness in order to get 2 upgrades per buy.

I do not have Practice Makes Perfect yet, just unable to find that mythos pack, and would really prefer that over Unearth the Ancients. I think it is just a crazy good card and would either give great clue tempo from Deduction or card tempo from Perception.

For a starting hand, I recommend fishing for Fieldwork as this is one of the most important cards for Ursula Downs. The synergy is just unrivaled. Until you have upgraded Archaic Glyphs and Magnifying Glass you might want to try to get The Chthonian Stone on Dr. Elli Horowitz to ensure you have hand slots open.

I'll be updating this as I go through the campaign and current expected upgrades include Pathfinder, Ornate Bow and the various identified cards.

Cards I currently see as on the potential chopping block are Unearth the Ancients, "I've got a plan!", Magnifying Glass in that order.