We're Gonna be Rich...through Scavenging.

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ak45 · 235


This deck is a flex deck with an investigation focus, that abuses the synergy between Joey "The Rat" Vigil (3), Scavenging (2) and Streetwise. This deck can reliably get 1 clue/action, and it has the ability to do all sorts of tests the scenario throws at you. It is also very resilient to the encounter deck.

Core combo

Card Choices & Strategy

  • Joey "The Rat" Vigil: To play Items with speed, which accelerates setup and helps managing income from Family Inheritance. The discard ability give us resources to fuel Streetwise, and pay for recursion of Items from Scavenging.

  • Scavenging: To recur various Items in the deck. Usually triggered by some combinations of Streetwise, Well Connected and Flashlight. Remember that you can have both copies in play to recur 2 Items a round.

  • Streetwise: Preston's another signature. You will often use 4r (from Family Inheritance) to buff to 7 on a Flashlight investigate test to try to succeed by 2 so to trigger Scavenging.

  • Flashlight: -2 shroud is good. In this deck it basically cost nothing to infinitely recur Flashlight, since Joey refunds the 2r cost and Scavenging ignores the action cost. There is a neat combo you can do with Flashlight:

    1. Use the last supply on Flashlight
    2. During the investigate test, discard Flashlight for 2r with Joey
    3. Succeed by 2 to trigger Scavenging
    4. Immediately pull the just discarded Flashlight back, using the 2r you just get to pay for it
  • Leather Coat, Cherished Keepsake: Infinite damage/horror soak. You should discard them with Joey's ability before the damage/horror reaches the thresholds. By doing so you can not only recur them later with Scavenging to refresh them, but also gain resources in the process.

  • Gravedigger's Shovel: To smooth out the turns. Often you would have 2 super-buffed test in a turn, one with Streetwise and one with Well Connected. Shovel's discard ability is there to smooth out an investigate-heavy turn by giving you a third clue-gathering action. You can then recur it with Scavenging.

    Often you will discard it for 1 clue, but later in a scenario there will be reasons for you to remove it from the game for 2 clues, e.g. Last 2 clues, you found another copy from your deck, you are in a hurry, etc.

  • Lucky Cigarette Case: This deck is starving for card draws for its combo pieces, and you are trying to succeed by 2 each turn anyway.

  • Well Connected: With all the money from Joey and Family Inheritance, resources will accumulate. Well Connected lets you utilize those resources without spending them. It helps gather clues and deal with the encounter deck.

  • Trial by Fire: Despite its relatively high cost, Trial by Fire is here to save us money, since it would be more expensive if you otherwise use Streetwise to buff 3 tests. Use it in an investigate-heavy turn.

  • Rise to the Occasion, Lucky!, Money Talks: To deal with the encounter deck and all sorts of tests the scenario throws at you. If the encounter deck is somehow kind to you, you can use these cards for investigation.

  • "Look what I found!", Intel Report: Clue accelerations. You don't really need them once you found the combo pieces and accumulated some money, but they would help in the mean time.

  • Take Heart: Card draw and resource gain. Try to commit it to a treachery test you don't mind failing, say damage/horror/asset-hate treacheries.

Upgrade Priorities

  1. 1x Joey, 1x Scavenging
  2. Streetwise
  3. second Joey, second Scavenging
  4. Relic Hunter
  5. Cherished Keepsake, Leather Coat
  6. Gravedigger's Shovel

If you still have xp left, you can go for Lola Santiago+Charisma, Lucky Cigarette Case (3) and/or High Roller.


Sep 11, 2020 Django · 2740

You're aware that ressources gained from Joey "The Rat" Vigil 2 are added to the Family Inheritance due to Preston's "ability", so they're discarded at the end of your turn? While it's still a great combo, you might end up either wasting some ressources there or actions moving them to your own pool.

Sep 11, 2020 ak45 · 235

@DjangoYes, I'm aware of that. However since in practice you only trigger Joey's discard ability when you immediately need the resources, say for a Streetwise test or to immediately recur Flashlight, I don't find the situation you describe happens often.

Sep 20, 2020 Zinjanthropus · 84

Ooh, I really like the combo of Joey with the upgraded Keepsake and Coat. You can guarantee that you won't have to exile them! Nice.

Very creative deck!