Trish Queen Pendant post Taboo

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acken · 21

So Mr. "Rook" got nerfed hard in the last taboo list but after experimenting with Backpack instead I think it's not that much of a problem if your goal is to get the Pendant of the Queen. The drawback is obviously how much more XP it costs now to get everything.

Pendant of the Queen is an essential card for Trish due to its ability to target a remote location. Especially one with enemies on it so that it triggers Trish Scarborough ability to either evade the enemy or discover an additional clue. Quick testless double clue discovery is just too tasty.

So while we lost Mr. "Rook" we now have the ability to pick another starting ally. I think there are 2 obvious choices:

I ended up with Dr. Milan Christopher mostly because its economy works better with a future Lola Santiago + Charisma upgrade which is also a great Trish card for her ability.

Since we are using Backpack we should also use the opportunity to bring more items hence 2 Cryptographic Cipher, a Fingerprint Kit, Lucky Cigarette Case, and 2 Magnifying Glass. Backpack can also draw Backpack if the first search was disappointing. 12 Cards is quite a lot and in my tests due to a lot of skill cards that make you draw and also Practice Makes Perfect you quickly reach a point where 12 cards is almost all that is left. In my experience Rook alone was fetching me the pendant mid game most of the time and I had similar results with this as long as I get a backpack early enough.

If you got your pendant from the first backpack. Keep the second to instantly draw everything back to your hand.

Piloting the deck: You will be all about getting clues while your team fights monsters and get a few clues. Due to testless evade you should be fine by yourself but don't go too far in case something goes wrong. You should keep your Working a Hunch for enemies you draw and try to finish your turns on locations with clues.

One of the main asset of this deck is the Cryptographic Cipher as it will allow you to do additional quick investigates. You will have to deal with +1 shroud and this should be a good time to make use of Perception or Deduction to compensate. You can also use it to lower difficult shroud location (Obscuring Fog) and drop Deduction to quickly clear that kind of locations. As there are 2 in the deck and also a Fingerprint Kit just use these as much as you can every turn and have the next one ready thanks to Backpack. Your other hand should have a Magnifying Glass.

Practice Makes Perfect is much better than how it looks like. You can almost see it as an additional deduction if deductions are still in your deck. It can also fetch perception for card draw which can thin your deck even faster.

Lucky Cigarette Case is debatable and can be replaced. I usually find a use for it if I get one early before the pendant. It's really easy for the deck to get it to trigger.