Taboo 2020 19xp Necronominhcon

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Derived from
Madame Necronominhcon (Deck Guide) 224 191 22 1.0
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suika · 7195

Minimalist Necrobook Minh deck, post taboo 2020 version. Inspired by Madam Necronominhcon (what else?).

Works well in both solo and multiplayer. For solo, replace Deduction with Plan of Action for slightly better treachery protection, and optionally Shortcut for Act of Desperation if there's troublesome 5hp enemies around.

Mulligan away all research cards and the second copy of Shortcut and Unexpected Courage. Anything else is probably fine to open with; you'll draw & search through the deck for important stuff fast soon enough — between the 6 Research cards (3 of which are also extra draws) and two backpacks (6 items), your deck is effectively thinned by up to 15, and nearly all of what's left also draws or searches. So much that it doesn't even matter that there's only a single copy of Scavenging.

Scavenge backpack replacing backpack to dump items into discard to recur with Scavenging while finding Astonishing Revelations to pay for them. Using Magnifying glass to discard and replay Necronomicon from discard is more efficient than adding secrets to it; the exception is cases where you know you'll need a 6 damage burst for boss killing and stock up 8+ secrets for it.

Surprising Find increases draw consistency in early game without sacrificing tempo, especially when found via Practice Made Perfect. Dream-Enhancing Serum blunts the problem of drawing Research cards by turning them into extra draws, and both Research cards are good King in Yellow fodder.

Possible variations

This deck is relatively high tempo, but lacks soak; consider dropping Shortcut for Leather Coat and another copy of Scavenging in say, TFA. Consider leaving Grisly Totem unupgraded as a Cherished Keepsake in a horror heavy campaigns where your poor ally isn't enough; in such a case grab Arcane Enlightenment + Dream Diary over your copies of Unexpected Courage.

Choice of allies between Laboratory Assistant, Whitton Greene, Charles Ross, Esq. or Dr. Milan Christopher doesn't really matter, use whichever you like the most.

Upgrade options

Roughly in order of priority:

  • Unexpected Courage -> Eye of Truth
  • Scroll of Secrets (3)
  • Take Heart -> Third Time's a Charm (to guarantee that King in Yellow test)
  • Perception -> Perception (2) / Deduction -> Deduction (2)
  • Studious
  • Dream-Enhancing Serum -> Knowledge is Power
  • Ally -> Whitton Green (2)/Black Cat/Red Gloved Man (earlier if having soak problems)

Sample starter deck:

Spend your first 7 xp on Surprising Find + Backpack + Scavenging, then Necrobook.