Test Icons:

If this skill test is during or before the first action of this turn, Plan of Action gains .

If this skill test is between the first and third actions of this turn, draw 1 card if it succeeds.

If this skill test is during or after the third action of this turn, Plan of Action gains .

Xia Taptara
The Innsmouth Conspiracy #24.
Plan of Action

Hm so looking at this its either a weird unexpected courage with incredibly restrictive icons OR its an amazing unexpected courage that also lets you draw.

The key difference would be if during your first and third action you are "between" them as well, if we can trigger the middle effect AND the first and third effect I can see this card being very useful, but if its just +2, or +1 wild draw I don't think its worth the hassle of finding the timing on this over unexpected courage or Inquiring mind.

Side note: it is fun bringing back Trish's flavor of swapping around her stats all crazy like in the board game.

Zerogrim · 59
Between isn't during, so this is either +2 OR +1 and draw. It does seem tricky to use, but it seems super interesting for Amanda Sharpe, who basically gets three effects over the course of her turn. Other than that, it seems kind of wonky. — SGPrometheus · 278
For Amanda it's 2 icons (for exemple for evading), then 1 icon and a crad draw, then 2 icons. And for her too, only one wild icon. So even with her, I prefer Unexpected courage. — AlexP · 65
So I don't see this being an Amanda or a Trish card, what I actually see is a third and fourth perception in Harvey, triggering a free draw on him is pretty nice, and it still gives you +1. — Zerogrim · 59