#CPA-TDL - Survive Thru Will - Aggie

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Lola Hayes · 74

Campaign Play-Along with MythosBusters.

  • Campaign: Dunwich Legacy (Some Return encounter sets maybe)
  • Difficulty: Standard - 3 Hand Solo
  • Taboo: None
  • Card Pool: NotZ x2, RtNotZ, Starters, TDL, RtTDL
  • Team: Survive Thru Will
  • Role: Bird Control, Flex Fighter
  • Teammates: Minh, Stella

Hello this is Chirubime's campaign account. I'm very scared of Dunwich and thus I have brought 3 investigators who all have access to A Test of Will and will survive through our sheer willpower.

The plan is to get Mind Wipe for U&U to apply as much damage as possible and then deal the killing blow once Mind Wipe is gone. There are some standard horror techs like Forbidden Knowledge, Peter Sylvestre, Ward of Protection, Clairvoyance, Shrivelling. Scavenging will probably be used to give me Heirloom of Hyperborea as a commit. I don't see myself having enough spells to play it. I'm going to have Agnes sit as the last player so that she can maximize her damage ability in the Mythos Phase should she choose to do something with Ward or Forbidden Knowledge. Probably can sub out a Forbidden Knowledge for a Painkillers since you can discard it with Astral Travel. See you in Dunwich everyone!

Wern212's Weakness Drawing: Reckless

Scenario 1A: Extracurricular Activity

Starting Hand:

Notes: Removed the Yithian Observer encounter set and put in the Vassal of the Lurker. They seemed slightly easier to deal with. Basically with both perils (Resurgent Evils and Terror From Beyond) out of the encounter deck, I could Test of Will for each other that game.

This didn't save my Agnes progress, but Agnes immediately set up Shriveling and stood by Minh to provide to two of them 1 copy of Test of Will in case of emergencies.

As the last investigator in the rotation, was able to use her ability and Ward of Protection to block an Ancient Evil and kill a Whipper that Minh drew.

Did 6 damage to Experiment in 1 turn, by using 2 Shriveling actions, and deflecting Experiment damage and using Forbidden Knowledge in a different phase.

After Experiment moved, did 2 more damage and then transitioned into clue acceleration in at the Dormitories after Clairvoyance was drawn.

Resolution 3: 9 VP, 1 Delve discarded.

Ending State:


  • Scavenging Dumb Luck I realized that I was not going to be Scavenging as much as I thought I would be. I got a Dumb Luck for tanky bubbly enemies in the upcoming scenarios.
  • Shrivelling Shrivelling Should give more reliable hits against the bigger enemies.
  • Peter Sylvestre x2 Peter Sylvestre x2 Not much to be said, invaluable stat boosters and defensive soaks.

Scenario 1B: House Always Wins

Starting Hand: